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Food and Drink Tuesday: Alcoholic “Mist” Gets You Drunk As You Breathe

Posted Aug 03 2010 4:00am


While this piece from Fast Company is over a year old, this trend has been largely silent, so if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you.

A project called “Alcoholic Architecture” was initiated by a group of designers that specialize in food.  At their show, a fine gin mist was released in a small room where partygoers socialized and drank.  Apparently, the inhaling the mist is the equivalent of imbibing a very strong cocktail every 40 minutes.  Add that to the drinking you’re doing anyway at this party, and you’ve probably got a pretty sloshed crowd.  The experience only cost the patrons $8 per hour, plus the cost of “drinking” cocktails.

Of course, a mist in the air means that not only is gin getting in your mouth stomach and lungs (good), but in your hair, eyes and clothes (bad), so the hosts decked everyone out in plastic coveralls and glasses.  Cocktail attire seems to be merging with haz-mat suits on this front.

No news yet on where this trend is going.  While I wouldn’t be excited to do this every weekend, it sounds like an experience that would be very fun to try.  JAGT will keep you posted if we hear any more on this.

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