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Food Allergy Symptoms – What To Watch For

Posted Nov 04 2010 5:01am

food allergy symptoms

There are many people who are allergic to a lot of things. Food might be one of the things that they are allergic to. However, some might not know that they are even allergic to something. So, what are the symptoms you should recognize to know if you are allergic to a certain sort of food? Here are some food allergy symptoms.

For some people the reaction is mild. This will tell you how allergic you are to a food. For some, it's no more than a simple rash or just minor itching which tells them that they are allergic to whatever it is they are eating. Even the location of the itching might differ as for some, it might itch in their mouth while for others, it might be itching all over.

It also depends on the timing and during the digestion process that is to know what the symptoms might be. During digestion, it's quite common that you have different symptoms. These symptoms might be vomiting and diarrhea. You might even notice some abdominal pain.

If the food goes into the bloodstream, this has been noticed to induce some different symptoms. For instance, one can find that they might break out in hives. Others might find that if they have eczema, this might flare up as well. This can be taken care of with just a little bit of allergy medicine.

Now, there are some that are severely allergic to things. This means that if they eat such foods, they not only break out into hives, but the throat tightens. It's almost as if they are going into an asthma attack. You might also notice a decrease in blood pressure. Those who suffer from this might find that they have to keep what is called an epicene pen on them. This pen has medication that if they quit breathing, this will act quickly to get the poison out of them.

These are things that you need to look for. These are the symptoms that might occur. For some people it will be oh my gosh where did these hives come from. The first thing that you need to think about would be the foods that you ate. This could be a good indicator what you may be allergic to. Some people learn this early on. There are some who don't even learn that they are allergic to something until they are much older. There are some foods that you might be allergic to that are quite common, so recognizing food allergy symptoms early on can help you avoid unnecessary side effects.

Corey Palmer

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