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Five foods that burn fat: Say bye bye to fad diets!

Posted Feb 11 2010 5:01am

As soon you feel it is time to lose weighttwo ugly words that you are unfamiliar with pop up namely ‘diet’ and ‘exercise’. Yesthere are a million exercise routines out there depending on the amount of time available for a workout every week. Yet one cannot help but emphasize the importance of a balanced diet that helps the overall objective of burning fat.

Diet: Is it just a passing fad?
Dieton the other handis just as important and should be anything but a passing fad. The reason for this is that one can lose weight if the number of calories you consume is moderated against the calories you lose in exercise. Thereforeif you watch what you eatthere are far less chances of gaining weight even if you can only manage light exercise every week.

Howeverthis is not the only good news when it comes to losing weight. There are certain foods that you already consume on a daily basis that help you lose fat. Howeverbefore listing out these specific foods that have this fat burning qualitylet us understand how the body burns fat first.

How does the body burn Fat
Since pills and fad diets have turned into such failuresit only goes to show that the only way one can find success is by losing weight naturally and safely. For startersproteincarbohydrates and fat are primarily responsible for adding caloriesso let us look at each of these in detail to gain a better understanding.

Since the primary function of protein is to repair and build musclethe body does not utilize protein for energy unless fat or carbohydrates are not present in the body. So based on this principlemost successful fat burning diets are low-carbohydrate dietswhich means that since there is no immediate energy available (through the consumption of carbohydrate-loaded foods)the body then turns to burning the fat present in the body.

What must be kept in mind is that a no-carbohydrate diet can have harmful long-term effectsso one should make sure that they also eat a certain amount of carbohydrates as well.

What is heartening to note is that the food you consume on a daily basis can be integrated into a low-carbohydrate dietwith the exception of a couple of foodsof course.

Metabolism-boosting fat-burning foods
Now that we have understood “how the body burns fat”let us look at a list of foods (in no particular order of importance) that help the body burn fat fasterand really changes our perception of how much fun a ‘diet’ can be.

1. Eggs
Since they are high in proteinthey help you burn unwanted belly fat while also containing Vitamin Bwhich is an excellent supplement to breaking down fat cells. For those who have to watch those cholesterol levelsan egg white (with the yolkof course) sandwich in the morning can work wonders.

2. Low Fat Dairy Products
Women who consume low-fat dairy products three to four times a day lost 70% more fat than people who went on a low-dairy diet. They not only strengthen your bones but help you burn fat as well.

3. Lean Meats and Seafood
Both these groups of food are rich in protein but low in fatwhich will help boost your metabolismlose fat and build lean muscle tissue. Just go easy on baked potatoesthough! Seafoodon the other handcontains omega-3 fatty acids and plenty of protein. Just go easy on the butter and sauce! OKjust a little bit (winky wink)!

4. Citrus Fruit
These fruits contain Vitamin Cwhich have the ability to dilute the fat so that it can be washed out of the body for goodtherefore reducing the amount of fat in our body.

5. Caffeine-based beverages
Green tea is a well-known health drink first introduced by the Chinese eons ago. They contain catechins and polyphenols which help in the absorption of fat as well as stabilize glucose levels in the body.

Sohere are the five foods that help you to burn fat or that are known as negative calorie foods. Enjoy!

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