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Feeling Confident With Baldness

Posted Apr 21 2013 12:11pm

Male pattern baldness is a leading cause of hair loss. And for many people, this can be emotionally devastating. A major fear that comes with losing hair is whether the individual will be perceived as attractive.

Confidence and self esteem can suffer as a result of baldness. However, this doesn't need to be the case.

Celebrity Role Models 

There are actually many examples of celebrities who have actually formed a signature look as a result of their hair loss. The most popular example is Bruce Willis who shaved his head in the 1990s and has kept this look ever since.

Other notable celebs include:

(1) Michael Jordan

(2) Vin Diesel

(3) Seth Godin

(4) Andre Agassi

(5) Dr. Phil

In fact, GQ has compiled a  list  of 100 powerful bald men in America.  

And according to the Wall Street Journal, baldness can even be an  advantage in business.

What Is Your Self Concept Based On? 

The celebrities who are confident enough to wear their hair loss proudly seem to have a particular area of strength where they excel the most. And this gives them their unshakeable sense of confidence.

However, there are other famous individuals that don't seem to have the best chemistry with hair loss. And they are often noted in the media for their receding hairline and progressive thinning. In many cases, their appearance has played an enormous role in their careers. So it can be expected that others are surprised by their hair loss.

Every person is different. Some may choose to just accept their baldness. For others, this may be more difficult and this motivates them to find help through medication or even  hair restoration  procedures. 

Neither option is right or wrong.  However it is important to make the best choice that feels right for you

  uGraft hair transplant patient before and after

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