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Favorite male body parts that women like

Posted Nov 18 2010 8:08am


Yes, with statements like "Women aren't meant to be understood; but to be loved" flying around, not only does this manage to insult women but to also compliment them with the thing that captivates and befuddles them at the same time. Love, sweet love…

And while poets and philosophers have spent their time ruminating about the labor of love, the less people tend to figure out… as it isn't something that should be intellectualized. But there's a twist to it all… a baser one at that! It's called attraction, and this is something that gets the game of love started… if not having someone fall head over heels in love with dire consequences ever so often!

While what makes a woman attractive to men can often be what they see… err… beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and so on and so forth! But what about what women like… man, that's a complex question to ask… but hey, if there's one thing that women like… are men who are healthy.

However, a woman never tells unlike men who can be as subtle as a gun…

Love… skin-deep for women?

With all the hogwash that is circulating these days… men think that women are asexual beings (read: non-sexual). Nothing can be further from the truth, though…

Ask a woman if she'd prefer Brad Pitt over some average dude who works for minimum wages. And nine times out of ten, the answer would be Brad Pitt… just as men would love to be Megan Fox as opposed to the annoying girl next door who has the hots for them. Trust me, women aren't any different from men in terms of their desire for "Mr. Right Now"…

And as we all know that both men and women can be equally adept when it comes to 'skeletons in the closet', but as statistics reveal, the numbers favor the women… hands down! Hell why not… women have been "hit on" ever since they turned 18, and that streak continues until they "settle down".

And much like men who love tits, ass and beer… women like men with tight bodies (it's a genetic thing, you know!) and there are specific body parts too…

Favorite Male Body Parts that women can't get enough of…

This list of favorite body parts are based on the assumption that every woman is different, and her preferences are definitely a personal thing:

1) A nice butt

Well, we can perhaps gather that the saying "Behind every great man, there's a woman still telling him that he's wrong… and behind every woman, there's a man looking at her behind" is not necessarily true…

2) Six-pack abs

Yes, the word "six-pack" means very different things for men and women…

3) Strong and muscular forearms

Err… the ones that men use to sweep women off their feet…

4) Large biceps

The classic body part that makes a man feel like a man!

5) Broad shoulders

Every woman wants to be hoisted like Arnie hoisted those two "hotties" in the documentary on bodybuilding known as "Pumping Iron"

6) A big chest

Last but definitely not the least, as this body part is the most visible of them all…

In Closing

And ladies, start your engines… as your search for the perfect man will soon be over, ever since Willow Garage's Rosie and James have been able to flip a pancake…

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