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Fat Man Unleashed - Interview Part 2

Posted May 14 2009 5:05pm
fat man unleashed Last week I began my three part interview series with Israel Lagares who runs his healthy weight loss blog Fat Man Unleashed. Part one of the series was about his fitness routine, and this week we continue with his nutritional program.

Rob Describe the diet you're following to achieve your goal.

Israel I am on a balanced protein, carb, low fat intake diet. I eat a lot of fruit, veggies and chicken. I don't eat a lot of refined or processed foods. I don't drink anything but water and green tea. Simple.

Rob Yep, sounds pretty simple. Seems we both believe eathing natural foods is the way to go. What is the main focus of the diet? (ie: cutting calories? cutting fat? eating natural?)

Israel Initially it was cutting calories, but now I have focused on eating more fruits and veggies to "fill" me up.

Rob So Volumization then? High fiber foods? How many meals a day are you eating?

Israel I strive for 5 to 6 but am more at about 4 to 4.75 meals a day.

Rob I'm finding the same thing. As I eat higher nutrient density foods and higher fiber foods, I'm full longer and eating 5 or 6 meals is a little more tricky. Does the rest of your family / household eat the same way as you?

Israel With the exception of my daughter, yes. My wife has been an integral part in our healthy eating.

Rob Nice. It's always good to have support when it comes to nutrition. I had no idea you had a daughter. Do you allow for a reward meal (cheat meal) [explain how often and how you manage it if the answer is yes, also your favorite cheat meals]

Israel Man o man. I love food. As of right now I am not allowing cheat meals, but I usually do when I am not an such an intense program. My favorite cheat meals are pizza, chicken Alfredo, and lasagna.

Rob What about supplements? Which if any supplements do you add to your diet?

Israel I supplement with a multivitamin, amino acids, creatine, glutamine, and protein.

Rob I used creatine and Glutamine for years. Right now I'm sticking with Sunrider foods for my supplementation. Ok, what about Coffee? Would you choose coffee or green tea?

Israel GREEN TEA! I refuse to drink coffee.

Rob Nice. Coffee is battery acid. Ok, what about water? Would you choose water by itself? or do you dress it up with some sort of mix? or do you drink a calorie free beverage?

Israel Agua.

Rob Eating healty must be expensive for you? How much do you spend on food in a given week / month?

Israel We spend about $100 to 150 a week on groceries.

Rob Awesome. That's less than me. Are there any foods you outright avoid and DO NOT eat?

Israel Yes, definitely. I make a concerted effort to avoid eating anything from a fast food restaurant.

Rob List your top 2 supplements [and why if it applies]?

Israel Glutamine and multivitamins. Glutamine helps my body with the recovery process and multivitamins help fill the void when I don't get all of my nutrients from food.

Rob And finally Isreal, how about leaving some tips for the readers. Please describe 3 of your best eating or dieting tips:

Israel It's important to prepare. Prepare or plan your meals in advance. Know what you are going to eat well in advance that way you don't have to think about anything when the time comes. It's also important to forget.

If you have a bad day you need to acknowledge that you messed up and move on. Dwelling on the fact that you ate 2 whole pizza pies doesn't do anything but make you feel like crap. Put it behind you and get back on track with your life and diet. Finally, drink water. Water is your best friend. It helps with cleaning out your system, filling you up, and processing your foods.

The interview will continue next week when I talk with the Fat Man about his mental mindset to his training and nutrition. For more info about Israel, visit his weight loss blog.

Read this interview from the beginning - Israel's fitness routine.
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