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Fat Loss Rate – Lose 5 Pounds in 10 Days!

Posted Jul 23 2009 11:09pm

fat loss rateFat loss rate is a tricky subject for many people for many reasons. Of the countless times that you've caught yourself pinching that extra inch of fat thinking it's shrunk to half its size since the last decade, of the many pictures that you brood over during the nights deciding whether you've actually become a tad bit lighter or is it a photographic miracle, how many do you think are mere illusions?

It is a desperate attempt to convince yourself that somehow over the years you are moving towards that dream body. Well maybe you are, but then maybe you aren't. It’s the time to stash the "maybe" in the trash can of illusions and get down to some real change; one that you can actually feel in that pinch and see in your version of "before and after" pictures. Today it's all about making big changes in little time! It's about increasing your fat loss rate to lose 5 pounds in 10 days.

Following a Balanced Diet Plan

When following a weight loss plan the very first step is to work on your eating habits, this does not mean resorting to starvation or fasting, rather there is a need for a balanced diet plan to be formulated. There is truth in the saying ‘you are what you eat’ and healthy eating will make a healthy man out of you. Fast foods, cookies, candies and chocolates are a hazard for the diet program and need to be crossed off the menu. In an attempt to shed rapid weight it is advised to walk the line of a vegetarian, the ingredients of such a green diet contain low fat and high levels of vitamins and calcium. We have devised a sample diet plan that will help you to get rid of some vanity weight and help in maintaining the lean and smart look.

For those of you, who can not function without a cup of coffee in the morning, you'll be glad to know that the contents on our breakfast table include one plain bagel, a cup of coffee with a table spoon of cream.

  • The breakfast is an essential part of the diet plan as it speeds up the metabolism and such a modest intake of food will be easy to burn through out your daily activities.
  • To keep you from getting too hungry we have added small snacks between meals, the set of choices for the snacks will be fresh juices or skimmed milk.
  • The Lunch menu for today has three special low fat items, fish or salad with sugarless dressing and water. Fish serves the purpose of fulfilling you daily requirements of protein and at the same time keeping fat levels to a minimum. Water acts as a detox helping in purifying the body from toxics, wastes and even parasites.
  • Dinner timings will be scheduled 4-5 hours before sleeping and will have servings of a bowl of cabbage soup, white rice, pulses and of course water.

For this diet plan to be successful the most important attitude you should possess is patience and at the same time be optimistic in believing the fact that this is something good for your body.

The Work Out

Exercise and regular workouts will be the perfect partner to help you sail through the period of 10 days. A combination of two 30 minute work outs during the day with a balanced diet will make you shed those unwanted pounds in no time. The 30 minute work out will consist of cardio exercises, aerobics and a little bit of weight lifting.

If you follow this routine, you are sure to lose more than 5 pounds in 10 days and retain that youthful look. Just make sure that you continue to eat healthy and add a daily exercise routine to maintain your weight, lose more weight and prevent your body from gaining back the weight lost.

Do you have any other tips for increasing your fat loss rate?

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