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Evergreen tips for better health and sex

Posted Aug 13 2013 2:39pm

Sex is believed to be the most expressive manifestation of the heightened feelings of intimacy and appreciation you feel for your partner. It benefits the people in a passionate relationship to form bonds of love that is more tangible and mutually enjoyable. Additionally, good sex has always contributed to build a healthier person as it reduces stress levels, boosts immunity, and encourages altruistic feelings like love and thoughtfulness. It also prevents heart situations, lowers blood pressure, improves sperm quality, improves fertility, reduces chances of prostate cancer, and enhances the production of oxytocin hormone that relives pain in the body. However, to derive these benefits towards health, sex needs to be practiced in a healthier manner. Here are few such evergreen tips that will help manifest all these to its maximum likelihood for the longest possible time span.

1. Good habits and personal hygiene
Personal hygiene is of utmost consideration given that sex is the most intimate act between two individuals. To enjoy the most comfortable closeness between partners, both should follow cleanliness and hygienic habits. A regular cleaning of genitals, regular bath, and use of deodorants after bath, shaving off excess hair, brushing teeth and flossing regularly, using mouthwash, etc promotes personal hygiene and amiability between both partners and promises good uninhibited sexual intercourse. Furthermore, bad habits like smoking, drinking and substance abuse should be specifically avoided to keep the sexual adventures healthy, enjoyable and non-abusive. Moreover, alcohol influence has been seen to impair sexual prowess of people as well as resulted its influence has resulted in making many wrong decisions.

2. Schedule a regularized program
By following a regularized and well-routine life, we avoid all form of irregularities that can cause bad health and subsequent body conditions that can cause awkwardness and discomfort leading to dissatisfaction in sexual acts and antipathy from your partner. Regularized schedule, e.g. fixed time for meals, good hours of sleep, fixed working hours, proper physical activity, etc., keeps the natural rhythms of our body intact, maintains the biological functioning and prevents from embarrassing possibilities to crop up while having sex.

3. Regular exercise
Renowned researchers and doctors have observed that pursuing some regular physical activity has promoted sexual intercourse far better than any form of sex-rejuvenating drugs or medicine. An exercise that promotes butt and leg toning also promotes blood circulation to areas that enhances libido and better energy levels. A strong lower back, hamstrings and gluteus muscles improves sexual enjoyment far better and longer than a sore or inflexible back condition. Regular exercises also promote proper conditioning and functioning of all our body organs that contribute to form your healthy sexual relationships.

4. Good eating habits
For perfecting evergreen sex with your partner good eating habits are also an essential factor. Avoiding all forms of junk or oily food not only affects internal body organs, it also causes hindrances for sexual appetite. Bad bowel movements, excessive weight gain, gassy stomach situations breaks up the sexual urges further causing unpleasantness as well as uneasiness. Healthy eating habits keep body and mind free from unnecessary trauma and stress awakening eagerness for healthier sexual fulfillment.

5. Safe sex with single partner
Safe sex with a single partner is above all other factors to help you continue an evergreen and healthy sexual life. Being faithful to your partner and practicing safe sex keeps both off from any fear of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia, HIV, etc., as well as keeps the feelings of trust and friendliness intact between the partners. Using condoms also contribute to maintaining a safe sex practice which contributes to a long and enjoyable sex life.

6 Good relationship quotients
Having sex is a mutual act. Thus, maintaining a friendly conjugal relationship with your sexual partner is of prime importance to set a mutually healthy sex life. Open conversations about what you like or dislike, sharing mutual interests, providing satisfactory levels of affection, respect and care also helps keep the mutual harmony intact between the partners. This goes to build a strong, enjoyable and longer lasting sex life between you and your partner. While trying to attain sexual satisfaction for you do not neglect your partner, keep their needs also in consideration to yield better fulfillment and enjoyment.

7. Seek advice from specialists
For keeping sexual drive intact and evergreen, open communication has been a key factor. If faced with any undesirable situations it is always in the best interest of both the partners to seek for professional help. Lower levels of libido, menopausal withdrawal symptoms, itching or non-performance should be immediately discussed with your gynecologist or professional care providers. Aging diseases that involve diabetes, high blood pressure, hormonal disturbances, anxiety or depression can affect sexual drive and functioning on a personal level. Discussing them with a professional will help combat them better and develop easier strategies. Certain medications also are responsible to inhibit sexual desires and abilities to perform. Consulting your doctor for switch such medicines for better alternatives also can be of immense help for the more mature couples.

Keeping these tips in mind can prove beneficial for couples both young and old help maintain a longer and more enjoyable sex life that is mutually gratifying and enjoyable.

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