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Enough Milk for Toddlers: Let them grow up!

Posted Aug 24 2010 5:40am


Most men are blamed for not growing up enough by their women. Perhaps it's true or maybe it isn't but the thing is, it doesn't really hurt to have that proverbial Peter Pan complex unless this attitude hurts someone, perhaps through childishness rather than being childlike.

My thoughts on this was amplified by the movie, Finding Neverland starring Johnny Depp where, as a failed playwright, finds inspiration in some children that he meets during his time spent in a park.

Of course, this is based on the playwright J.M Barrie who gave to millions of children around the world, another world – also known as Neverland inhabited by a boy who never wanted to grow up.

And why not make believe as until now folks thought that milk was only for toddlers until bodybuilders began to apply this 'Gallon of Milk a day' with resounding success.

However, the paradigm is that milk for toddlers are more important than the latter!

Whether or not this is true is one thing that remains to be seen but the truth is that as with everything else, there are pros and cons.

Milk for Toddlers – The Pros and Cons

When we refer to milk in this case, most folks really mean cow's milk as this is form of milk that is common available than most other types. Almost all of use are aware of the benefits of milk as a whole but there are some instances (apart from mindless rumors that milk has something to do with cancer) when crossing a line when it comes giving your toddlers can have far reaching effects.

However, the purpose of this piece is not have you take your kids off milk but merely balance the intake according to the healthy standards that have been a part of childcare for sometime now.

The keywords here are 'moderation' and a 'balanced diet'.

Just as adults prefer to mix it up when it comes to their diet, so toddlers too, must be extended the same choices as well that will help them enjoy all types of food that are a part of a balanced diet. One important reason for this is because kids can get too attached to milk even after they've long past the age when their nutrition consisted of the same. Another couple of issues that can stem from this problem is constipation and anemia, that stems from drinking far too much milk than recommended.

And so, experts recommend that the daily amount that kids could have is about 16-24 ounces of milk a day – and NO MORE!

Lactose intolerance in children can also turn out to be an issue to contend with, and so, just like a lot of adults who have switched to lactose-free products, one can switch to soy milk powder for their children as well.

And since kids need calcium as well, picking calcium-fortified soy milk or non-lactose milk will be a good idea especially if it's from the award-winning firm for both 2009 and 2010 known as Smith Dairy that have pretty much excelled in quality with their yellow plastic jugs that blocks out harmful rays and thus, keeps vitamins and minerals in milk safe.

Most importantly, it provides people with milk products as mentioned before (calcium fortified, soy milk and so on and so forth) that provides your toddler with the required nutrients , and meets the highest quality standards as well. (Hence, the slew of awards…)

In Closing

And perhaps, it should be more than evident from this piece that the Peter Pan complex should have nothing to do with 'drinking milk'… or else…

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