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enlarged inguinal it chlamydia??

Posted by chime

I am a 26year old guy. my ultrasond report says that i hav "enlarged inguinal ins noted largest on ryt measuring 2.3*0.8cm and on left 2.2*0.7cm. also fatty hilum noted in most of the nodes."
i had visited a doctor after having experienced pain in my groin.
i had severe pain in the groin around 12 days back and also 2 days before that. later around a week back i had high fever which was diagnosed as viral. i also had some rashes on my body which faded gradually. as the fever subdued i experienced pain in the groin again, though it was milder this tym.

i and my girlfriend both are into a monogamous relation and we hav never had sex with anyone else. also we always have protected sex (condoms).
we are not very active sexually and make out only once in 2 or 3 months.

wat could be the possible reasons for the pain??
are there any chances tat i hav an STI??
plz reply soon.....
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