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Electronic cigarette

Posted Oct 25 2010 11:19pm

With the invention of electric cigarettes, it has become lots more easier to quit smoking as  electric cigarettes are very effective and efficient means of getting the required amount of nicotine. The nicotine providing candies and gums were considered as a good  substitute for providing the brain required amount of nicotine to quit smoking. It is available in a number of types,  flavors and colors and the user can easily pick it up according to its needs and requirement. The electric cigarettes, also known as e-cigs are safe to use as they are not lit with the help of flame or any  other means of fire, the heater is installed inside, and it looks just like an ordinary cigarette.

Similarities with tobacco cigarette
The outer look of the electronic cigarette is just like  the ordinary tobacco cigarette. It has been designed in such a way that it provides the user an experience that he  is using an ordinary tobacco cigarette. These electric cigarettes are very easy to use and do not require ignition. The tip of the  electric cigarette lights as red color and the heater is situated deep inside it. The smoke that issues from inside the cigarette expels vapors, which give smoke  appearance and create even more original look to the cigarette.

Unlike the  ordinary tobacco cigarette, the e-cigs are battery powered, sophisticated instruments. These are extremely safe to use and produce similar effect as produced by ordinary tobacco cigarette. The smoke  issued from the electric cigarette is actually comprised of water vapors that give its user the same satisfaction as provided  by the original cigarette.

electronic cigarette


Health friendly
The electronic cigarette are safe to use as they do not require ignition  and are free of carcinogens. They do not require ignition to start up and do not give off carcinogenic stuff in their smoke. It  does not cause any yellowing of fingers or teeth hence remove all the complications regarding health of a smoker.

It is much cheaper than the tobacco cigarettes available. The electric cigarette is equivalent to the 250 normal tobacco cigarettes with a number of other  benefits. The  cartilage responsible for the specific flavor is to be replaced after years. It saves almost 80% of the money spent on  tobacco cigarettes. Therefore, another attractive feature of electric cigarettes is that they do not cost much.

Moreover, it is available in strawberry flavor, vanilla flavors and a number of other flavors that increases the taste and  acceptance among the smokers.

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