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Egg Nutrition and the age-old question…

Posted Sep 30 2010 5:30am


It's been a while now since I've visited a church or any form of religious gathering… er… more appropriately, in the 90s… ever since I realized that being open-minded was not necessarily one of their strong points, to say the least.

But it has been on my mind – this overpowering search for the age-old question: Does God exist? Does He have a plan for my life? Or am I being stupid by taking everything at face value?

Another thing that pissed me off was the fact that most religions emphasize the most undesirable qualities in a human being (that we all can identify with), and according to some cynics, proceed to be exploited while being shown "the way".

After two years of serious personal study of different religions from the most bizarre (Scientology) to the most ancient (Hinduism) and even the occult (astrology), I feel like I'm back to square one these days! The purest ideals of Christianity… and not the people!

Much like the "Which came first? The chicken or the egg?" syndrome…

Religion, according to some, is like food for the soul and while African-Americans have been stereotyped (God only knows why!) as preferring chicken and watermelons, eggs are universally considered to be nutritious no matter who or how you are.

But are eggs all that they're made out to be… or are they really good for you regardless?

Egg Nutrition facts and myths

For sometime now, eggs have been considered to increase one's cholesterol levels due to the fact that egg yolks have the most concentrated amount of cholesterol compared to any other food.

Did this stick? Naah!

In tracking 115,000 men and women's health against egg consumption, a team of nutritionists, epidemiologists and physicians from Harvard concluded that eating one egg a day hardly raises blood cholesterol levels until later when it was found that it is mainly saturated fats that contribute negatively to these levels.

Another important aspect of nutrition these days that everyone wants to be a abreast of are the number of calories in any food, in this case being the number of calories in an egg. The answer, according to experts is, 76 calories for a large white egg with the egg white being about 17 calories and the yolk about 59 calories.

And while folks were comparing the benefits of brown vs white eggs, it turned out that both were just as fine for your health.

At another level altogether, bodybuilders consume raw eggs for its protein content as it is considered to be one of the most versatile foods available to build muscle.

The amount of protein in an egg is about 6 g, and is the highest among several foods according to this article on that will help replace the damaged protein fibers after a heavy workout. There's no doubt that it is considered to be an essential part of nutrition for bodybuilders everywhere since the myth of dietary cholesterol contributing to blood cholesterol has been banished.

Read the rest of that article if you want to know more!

Apart from the egg yolk containing 1.6 grams of saturated fat (bad fat), it's hard to look past the cons involved in eating eggs.

Just remember that while you eat these eggs, make sure that they are organically produced and not from caged chickens… OK?

We can do without animal cruelty (not of the PETA types) at least by being good to animals that we draw our sustenance from!

In Closing

And although the verdict is quite clear about whether eggs are good or not, my search for a religion that suits me best continues to percolate in my thoughts, wondering if there are indeed facts that we can use in doing so…

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