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Effects of Drinking

Posted Jan 07 2011 8:28am

There's a saying which goes that "Those who drink to drown their sorrows forget that sorrows can swim". It's true that most of us indulge on alcohol especially when it's party time but it's these dudes/ dudettes who really make it a daily thing, and ever so often it gets out of control.

Yes, to the point where it becomes vital to their survival to attend alcoholics anonymous meetings regularly.

Strangely enough, this pertains to smoking as well… where the paradigm "Once a smoker, always a smoker" is doing the rounds amongst people who are trying to quit, want to quit and given up on quitting.

However, there are some suggestions that I've come across where people say that drinking two glasses a beer is much better than smoking. And while it's true, there are some of us who can't stop, so it's better to just stay away from the demon bottle.

And for those, who can't do without their alcohol, there's no doubt that while you tend you lose control and your inhibitions, that there are some effects that it causes to the body.

But is it really that bad as doctors make it out to be?

Alcohol – What's the big deal?

And while it has been found that the Neanderthals have been brewing beers… well, the verdict is in… beer is pretty popular and is here to stay among the very few things that have been found to be useful from such early times. However, from a doctor's point of view, alcohol is actually a depressant that also has the delightful property of destroying your grey matter… and rather crudely, turning you into a retard if you have too much.

But do you think people have a problem with this? Not at all.

According to latest statistics, almost 55 % of the adults in the United States drink alcohol regularly. However, the truth remains that having a glass or two of wine along with your food can actually be beneficial… but that's where it stops.

And since some of us are compulsive of drinking, throwing up and drinking again, here are some effects that might make you think a bit differently about alcohol.

Effects of Alcohol

Effect #1: It can kill you when you are driving. Just don't try to be a stud, and get a designated driver who rather stick to the mocktails and interesting party conversation rather than get himself hammered, thanks to a resplendent taste in liquor.

Effect #2: Addiction. Not only will you tend to throw away your life's savings but will spiral downwards to a point of degradation that will seem rehab is the only way you'll find your way back.

Effect #3: You'll lose your friends and will put your family through hell, if you can't do without liquor. Well, people who drink heavily shouldn't have a family.

Effect #4: Too much alcohol will damage the reproductive system, brain and nervous system, liver, heart and circulation, digestive system and urinary system. That's almost every important part of your body… [Sigh]

Effect #5: Last but not the least, pregnant women indulging in liquor can spell doom for their kids in the form of fetal alcohol syndrome.

In Closing

So, before you take a shit in your pants without knowing it… or demonstrating why alcoholics have poor social skills in public… get a life, and realize that there better things in life that one can enjoy.

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