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Eating Fish Twice Weekly May Reduce Kidney Risks In Diabetics

Posted Nov 04 2008 8:06am

trout The original title for this from MSN Health was “ Fish Twice A Week Cuts Diabetics Kidney Risks “, and I thought ‘Man , there are going to be more men making excuses to cut work and go fishing twice a week. ‘. But it’s not fishing but consuming the fish. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an excuse every now and then and go have a nice relaxed time fishing. Although I don’t get out nearly enough, I love fishing, even when I don’t catch anything. Moving on…

The British study was conducted on more than 22,000 adults including 517 with diabetes.

The participants’ fish consumption was determined using dietary and lifestyle questionnaires. People with diabetes who ate less than one serving of fish per week were about four times more likely (18 percent) to have protein in their urine than those who ate at least two servings of fish per week (4 percent).

“Protein in the urine is one of the earliest signs of kidney disease,” noted study co-author Dr. Amanda Adler, of the Medical Research Council epidemiology unit at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge.

The study was published in the November issue of the American Journal of Kidney Diseases.

Adler and her colleagues suggested the “unique nutrient composition of fish” may benefit kidney function by enhancing blood glucose control and improving plasma lipid profiles.

We all know that eating fish is good for you and protein is good for you as well…but not when it shows up in your urine. Ever have a physical and they take a urine sample? This is why they do it. They aren’t testing for drugs, they are checking for albumin in your urine. What is albumin?

Albumin is a water soluble protein and is often found in egg whites. Albuminuria is when albumin protein is found in urine. The kidneys filter out large molecules from urine and if your kidneys are not functioning properly and filtering out albumin then this could be a sign that there is kidney damage. Long time Diabetics ‘ with type 1 diabetes often may have kidney problems and albuminuria.

So the study shows but that participants who ate fish at least twice a week were less likely to have kidney problems than those who did not consume fish twice a week. At least that’s what I’m getting from reading, however; the part in the study that says that fish consumption and lifestyles were determined by a “questionnaire” bother me, because in order for this to prove useful you have to trust the people filling out the questionnaire and you have to go on the assumption that the people are being truthful. That still doesn’t rule out the nutritional benefits of fish that we know are factual. The article also stated:

In addition to eating fish, other measures that help lower the risk of albuminuria include tight control of glucose, keeping blood pressure under control, quitting smoking, and following a diabetic diet as prescribed by a doctor, according to the kidney foundation.

You can read up on the rest of this article here: Fish Twice A Week Cuts Diabetics Kidney Risks

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