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Ear problem as below

Posted by Steve

I have Itchy ears ( just inside) as well as a yellow liquid in one
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I'm a hearing impaired and wears two aids behind the ear. Why is it my ears itch all the time when I wear aids? My earmolds are clean out daily with ear solution that is design for earmolds cleaning. I have had terrible itching inside my ears when I wear aids and I notice that some day., I get this awful foul smelling sticky stuff come out with the earmolds and some day I get this awful fluids builiding up and it's has become a problems with my aids., I have to take my tube apart to unclogged this fluids that flow in there and it's has caused my sounds barrier terrible. It's a constant care and cannot afford to damage this aids at all costs. I have non-silicone earmolds. I have to use Q-tips to clean out the fluids (mopping them up., not scraping) to keep the ears dry for my earmolds wearing. So., help me with this itching problems!!!! Thanks. 
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