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Dust Collection Hose – Unashamed to be a virgin?

Posted Aug 26 2011 8:26am

We all have embarrassing moments in our lives, and there are those that happen without our knowledge or due to a lack of social graces, perhaps due to the fact that you are in a different cultural settings, and you aren't that comfortable.

A friend of mine visited the United States recently with some of her colleagues, and an informal setting where her manager (a woman) was trying to get know her team in India, asked a male colleague if he was married or had a girlfriend.

To which came the prompt reply: I'm a virgin! There you go… one of those cringe moments which makes you wish that the earth would open up and swallow you whole. A career-ending move, if you will…

Speaking of being virginal (as opposed to being virile), the word has always been associated with discipline and cleanliness to the point that "white is always right".

These people are the ones that you will see spending their lives cleaning, washing and so on and so forth as it is their pleasure to carry out these simple tasks. And then there are the rest of us who don't care whether we're knee-deep in shit or haven't cleaned up for weeks, making the dust and goo feel right at home for months even. And little do we know how dangerous (let alone disgusting) a lack of hygiene can be to our health…

Is cleanliness important?

My apologies for asking such a dumb question but the truth is that while this might be so much of a problem when it comes to the home but is vital for offices that make products from wood, metal and other materials.

And here's why: after you have used these materials, particles of the materials are often floating in the air, and have been known to cause diseases respiratory issues, eye irritation, skin complications and even liver and kidney diseases.

And this is where the dust collection hose comes in handy because it operates as a vacuum cleaner with the exception of collection these harmful dust particles from the air so as to "sanitize" the area for use again.

There are several types of dust collection hose s depending on the type of dust that you might want to collect such as wood, normal dust and metal.

So, by now, you might gather that the dust collection hose (no matter which one you need for your unit) has been created with these industrial purposes in mind.

If this process is not carried out, not only can these fragments damage the machinery but also slow down production because of the threat that the area of production poses to workers.

However, this is not just limited to dust particles but in some cases extend to collection oil vapors and smog in the areas where machinery is used while also being very handy when it comes to controlling fumes in these areas as well.

And thanks to their important in keeping these environments clean, you'll find these dust collection hoses in the chemical, landscaping, HVAC systems, pharmaceutical/ medical , agricultural, marine and food and beverage processing industries.

In Closing

Yeah, you'll find that some of these places are spick and span… virginal, if you will!

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