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Dumbbell Workouts – What You Need to Know

Posted Jan 16 2013 8:16am

The benefits of dumbbell workouts are known to almost anyone who has spent time in the gym or in strength training.

While there are a few disadvantages to using dumbbells, the truth is that the benefits far outweigh the risks involved, especially if you want to get the most out of it.

Personally speaking, using barbells was completely out of the question. Now it's a different story altogether but when you are a beginner, dumbbells sure is the way to go not unless you enjoy using machines.

Yet among the best benefits that dumbbells have to offer, the one that stands out for is that you don't have to spend a lot of money in order to remain in shape.

These free weights offer all the benefits that you can imagine while still being as inexpensive as "calisthenics".

Using Dumbbells – A Few Pointers on "Getting It Right"

For those who are getting started with dumbbells workouts , the first thing that you must remember is that there's a good chance of injury if you aren't careful.

More often than not, taking a macho approach to using dumbbells is hardly the way to go. No, you can't lift a pair of 10-kilo dumbbells on your first day without suffering the next.

My understanding of this is to take a "slow and measured approach" as you go through your workout. Quick movements when going through an exercise or even pushing harder in doing more reps or increasing the weight sharply, thanks to blind enthusiasm, will only get you injured.

Think long-term when it comes to working out…

Keep in mind that technique is everything. One false move, and you'll be out for a few months. The risk is greater if you're using very heavy weights.

Let me reiterate: a slow and measured approach is the best way to go, regardless of whether this is your first day of lifting these free weights or you've been doing it for a long time.

If you work out at home, this means that you might be dependent on Youtube videos, and before you try a set of dumbbells lunges, watch out for the technique (at this video ) that's required to get it right.

If you work out at the gym, then make sure you heed instructions offered by your trainer or if you are experienced, have a spotter around, to make sure that someone can correct you if you are getting wrong.

The same is true for  even kettlebell or barbell weights

Dumbbell Workouts – A Simple Routine to Get You Started

As mentioned earlier, slow and measured is the approach you take, especially when you are starting off.

Here is a nice sample of a  dumbbell workout  for men as well as a short dumbbell workout for women.

Of course, there are a bazillion combinations of dumbbell exercises that one can put together, for a workout which work different muscle groups. Only once you get past the beginner level, though.

In Closing

What are the benefits you've gained from using dumbbells in your workouts? What dumbbell exercises do you do in your workout and why?

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