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Dumbbell Workouts – 4 Tips to Avoid Injury and Embarrassment

Posted Sep 01 2010 8:29am

Dumbbell Workouts

Dumbbell Workouts

There are many ways to work out at home, but the best and most effective exercises are those that tone and strengthen your muscles – they take the least amount of time, they boost metabolism and help you lose weight faster, and they can be done wherever you are. While most strength training exercises can be done at home without the need for any gym equipment, dumbbell workouts are perfect for those who are looking to add that extra punch to their routine. They’re as light or as heavy as you want them to be, and they’re better than any machines when it comes to losing weight. However, if you’re not careful, dumbbells could cause injury, so the next time you head for your dumbbell workout, remember the following safety tips:

  1. Learn the right technique: When you lift weights, even if they’re light dumbbells, the wrong technique could cause sprains and muscle pulls. You may not be able to afford a personal trainer or even a gym membership, but there are websites that offer tutorials and tips on the right way to work out with dumbbells. You could also learn from friends and family members who are workout enthusiasts the right way to use dumbbells.
  2. Don’t overdo the weight: It’s ok to be enthusiastic and eager to work your muscles, but if you start out with the heaviest ones, you’re going to end up either dropping them on your feet or spraining a muscle trying to lift more than you can. So start out with the lightest dumbbells you can find before moving on to heavier alternatives.
  3. Do the “drop set”: If you’re working out with heavy dumbbells and cannot complete your reps because your muscles are aching, put them down and use a lighter pair that you have at hand. This prevents wear and tear and injury on your muscles.
  4. Pick them up correctly: When you’re picking up the dumbbells or laying them down, don’t bend from your waist down; instead, go into a half squat and lift them using your thighs for leverage. If you use your back, you could end up with a serious injury if the dumbbells are too heavy.

Choose dumbbell exercises that you’re comfortable with and which tone and strengthen the parts of your body that need firming up. Once you’ve learned a certain set of exercises, it’s easy enough to go through them for just 30 minutes or so every day. However, remember to follow the right safety measures when performing your dumbbell workouts in order to prevent injury which could put you out of action.

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