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Dull Ache in Groin, Stomach and sometimes testicles

Posted by Gary

Wonder if anyone could shed some light on this:-

Male, 38 N/S.

I developed a dull ache in my right testicle and the ache seems to shift around between the testicle, right groin, pelvis and stomach, I went to see a doctor who has taken a urine sample and prescribed anti-biolitcs (in case of an infection). I am still waiting test results. Other noticable things:-

* Ache is worse when I sit

* Ache is not severe...its mild but annoying

* I have had it for 10 days now

* Ibuprofin seems to help a little

* Been on anti-biotics for 6 days now - no change

* Had a mild fever at the onset

* Cant find find any lumps in the groin or testicle (nor did doctor)

* Pain seems concentrated around appendix area (area that hurts when you exercise a lot)

* Stomach feels a little bloated

 Any ideas?? Cheers!

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no answer - though have excact same problem!

please anybody have any answers?



Hi Guys - wow relieved to see someone else has got the exact same problem.  Not sure when this was posted... though..... me being so paranoid was thinking that I've got bladder cancer or something.

I went to the doctor probably 2 & a half years back - he then told me it was a "hernia".  I left it and planned to go for an operation but then it suddenly went away.

It's back now after two years but also had a very hectic session of rough sex recently (sorry...., but had to be honest!:) .......  could it be that??!   My one testical was aching badly afterwards..... now it's in the left groin. 






how are you j-

its a real problem for a lot of men and no one seems to know what it is-

i suspected at first it could be a hernia but i dont think it is now.

what other symptoms did or do you have ?

my ache swaps from left to right in the testicle area and in lower abdomen too.


I have the same problem. I've had two courses of antibiotics, been for an ultrasound scan on my testcles which was all okay, except for a few varicose veins that were seen. Now I have an appointment with a urologist for further investigations. I have aching in my right testcle which aches into the right side of my abdomen.

could you let us know how you get on?

i have just finished my two different courses of antibiotics and at the doctors friday, probably to give me a date for an ultrasound test.

any of you get the ache down one of your legs and the back of the knee?


I have had a dull ache in my lower abdomen which sometimes spreads to my testicles, for over a month. It had also spread to the back outside of my left knee at times. At one time i could not bend my left knee to pull my foot toward my butt without getting a sharp pain.

This all started after a tick bite resulted in a bright red rash at the top of my right thigh, which indicates lyme disease. I was on Doxyciline (?) for three weeks but the aches are still there.

Went to see a specialist and he said that it was all to do with the vasectomy that I had done five years ago. He says that the tubes are tied and the scar is constantly changing. All it needs is ti irritate a nerve ending and this causes the ache which travels into the abdomen.

 He said I should learn to live withit umless it gets really bad.

wow  am glad to hear more people have this, my dull ache is on the right side, started 6 months ago, with a sharp pain in my right lower abdoman, now i have the dull ache just before i get an erection and in the morning, it seems to travel between my groin and right testicle. its not a bad pain, and i have a very active sex life, wife and i play around a bit with 3 somes , but always safe sex. i had wondered was it some kind of std. but as i said she always makes a guy use condoms..

any help here would be great


Seems to be a common problem.

I started with these similar pains 3 days ago (lower left abdomen is sore when pressed - it makes me feel a little bloated...)

I have relatively difficult gymming routines (perhaps my abs workout is too harsh thus straining my abs and the lower muscles holding my testes?)

Also Ive been a frequent masturbater and decided to take a bit of a break 3 days ago for no reasons attached to the problems above. Shortly thereafter the pain started (i thought it was a case of "blue balls" but the mild paining continued to this day)

Its not a serious pain, its only mild (though the stomach pain is a bit much). To describe this pain I would say that my left abdomen makes me feel bloated and there is a pain that pulses down to my left testicle (the smaller of the two). Also it appears as if the testicle in question is a little bit smaller than usual.

Co-incidentally my scrotum also seems unusually relaxed as if not responding to changes in temperature (scrotum contracting and relaxing).

I had a hernia operation when I was about 2 years old or so, I am 26 now. I dont think this is related.

I had a check-up with my doc last year regarding testicle sizes and he said it was fine.

I am thinking this has something to do with blood loss for a specific period of time long enough to cause this pain (sometimes i get pins and needles in my testes if i sit for long periods in a strange way), either this is the problem or its related to my stressful gym routine... i will follow up if the pain subsides.

i have recently experienced this as well i have dull pain above my right testicle and a little above my left one pain goes into lower abdomen. also i noticed a lump seperate from my right testicle.  I went to see the doctor and she was really no help what so ever saying its nothing serious just watch it.  Any ideas to what it is or what I should do?
This has happened to me as well, I thought that it was only after drinking black coffee. But, I most recently experienced it as a result of being aroused but NOT ejaculating. Anyone experience similar issues?
I saw my general doctor about this exact type of pain, about a year ago. He said he was 90% sure I had an inguinal hernia. I spent months getting recommendations for a surgeon to do the operation, but when I saw him he said he would love to operate, but doesn't think I have a hernia. He described it as Anterior Femoral Neuropathy, something to do with nerves. The dull pain really increases throughout the entire groin area when I ejaculate and my sexual performance has seriously dwindled. I have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate and my gut tells me that this has something to do with it. The pain comes and goes, sometimes leaving for weeks, but it's something I want to have a definite prognoses on. I am seeing a Urologist in 3 weeks and am praying that it is something that can be taken care of. 

i have been worrying for the last few days about this and have an ultrasound on 29 of dec. the symptoms seem the same as everyone else dull pain above the right groin affecting the testicle once of twice but goes around to somewhere at my side /back and into my hip. its so hard to pin it down but i do have some tenderness above my right testicle when pressed.i also noticed that i need to urinate more often and the amount is about half to two thirds of the normal output. my GP seems to think it is related to my lower back and having asked a physio it can be the vertibre pressing on the spinal cord which is serious but  can be dealt with. the symptom of decreased urine output ties in with this theory.



I started with a dull ache in my right testicle when I would ejaculate, and after a few days, it became a constant ache. I started taking Motrin but it didn't have any effect. Then yesterday it didn't seem as bad, but when I woke up today the pain was easily worse. I went to the doctor and he looked at me for about three seconds and said it might be an infection and gave me ciprofloxacin (antibiotic). I started noticing pain on left testicle around the time of the apointment, and this evening it's gotten worse. I haven't been taking the antibiotic long enough to know if it's going to make a difference, but the fact that the pain is spreading has me terrified. The doctor didn't find any lumps, and there hasn't been any discoloration. It's just a dull pain, first on one ball and now both. Any suggestions or thoughts?
There are many parts and pieces to the genitals, so there are many things that can get irritated.  Over the years, it has been on and off. Sometimes quite painful and waking up me up at night with erections. I went to a doctor, who sent me to a urologist, who thought it was early stages of Peyronie's disease (he didn't know what he was talking about, I think he just dealt mostly with women), then I went to an accupunturist and that helped the pain a bit.  Then recently I went to a doc who after throughly checking testicles, sent me for an MRI just in case. The MRI came back negative. The reason for this long history is that I think it is related to the suspensory and arcuate subpubic ligaments of the penis.
I have had a similar complaint for about two years now but it seems to be worse now for about two weeks. Reading all the posts no one seems to have cured the problem. If anyone has please post the result. To be safe I have gone back on Proscar which I used for 3 years previously. This slowly shrinks the prostate gland and at my age 76 it is not a bad thing I never seemed to have any real side effects and it was reccommended by my GP who once asked me why I went off it so I went back after a two year break. It does take the worry off possible prostate prblems. I tend to agree about the nerves or veins or rupture. It can be any of these things it seems.
wow surprised to find so many of you guys with same problem; same prob with lil individual peculiarities ..several rounds of antibiotics and alternative meds later ..i find "scrotal support" works the best to alleviate the pain gradually over time. Homoepathy worked to a certain extent atleast for me. do keep sharing data fellows.
Fella's, I might have a solution here. I am 26 and have been suffering from similar symptoms for a month including pain in the right testicle/ right groin, increased pain while sitting or sleeping, increased pain while aroused, frequent urination with an unusually short flow, and have been on antibiotics for a week with no sign of a lump and normal results from the ultrasound. I spoke with my father today and he told me that when he was 30 he was diagnosed with an enlarged/infected prostate for the exact same symptoms! As it turns out, his father had the same diagnosis earlier in life! My dad saw a urologist and was prescribed antibiotics for several months. In the end, he turned to chinese medicine which he claims cured him along with walking every day. I'm supposed to see a urologist soon, I will follow up with you and let you know the results of the prognosis. I hope I don't have to get a damn prostate check!!! 
thanks for sharing Nick; ive had the problem since 6mths now and during the first month i went through the same symptoms that you mentioned (except short flow); but over the months symptoms kept changing ; now I am ok lying down but dull pain while standing (was the opposite before). i was being treated for epididymitis for first couple months and i never bothered to do any research on my own as i thought it would go away with antibiotics if they said it was a testicular infection. but now surprised no doctor suggested possibility of hernia so visiting a different urologist soon.
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