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does calcium magnesium help eliminate foot cramps at night

Posted by kevin

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 yep.hey  everybodyjoin on my team.I m  the only one and yes that kills f.c
yes it does, cause that area is not healthy and it needs some attention and more vitamins and some defenses .....

hi..for past few months, I have suffered at nite with toe cramps. Only on the right foot and only at NITE when I get into bed.  It starts with a burning, tingling and within seconds extreme pain through the ball of my foot. getting up and walking a few min. does sometimes help.  My Osteopathic Dr. has just ordered a blood profile for 6different things..incl. thyroid, etc. and will get result of that on Monday. His idea is that it could be a defiency of something..may yet be Magnesium and that quinine caplets may help.  At first...they were no where to be found. Walgreen's does have a product with a minute amount of quinine in it and can be taken every 4hrs.  2days later now..I slept both nites..allejuella!! and TODAY>>my right foot has cramped all DAY! 

 I feel as though I am not winning any battles here... HELP!

ANYONE with info,suggestions please know that I welcome them!  cutting off the foot would be nice too at this point.  but not real apt with the left hand...haha (sarcastic humor, sorry) c in TN

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