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Does anyone know what my boyfriend's lump in his lower abdomen above his testicles & penis is? Should it be removed ASAP?

Posted by lindsay g.

My boyfriend has had a lump in is lower left abdomen just above his testicles and penis for almost a year. It just seemed to have popped out of no where and was the size of a small fist. I want him to see a doctor. He doesn't have health insurance, and almost a year later, he has not seen a doctor. Yesterday, I noticed it being much larger then usual, connecting to the ball sac and shifting his penis over to the right more. I thought the lump was getting smaller for a while, but now it seems it is the size of a regular fist. I know he has been lifting heavy objects a lot lately, and he did mention how he had pain in his abs from lifting stuff before he got the lump... so I'm not sure if what he has is a hernia and lifting more things has made it worse. I'm just worried it may be cancer or something deadly. My boyfriend normally gets a lot of lumps on his skin which always tend to be skin infections and go away after he personally drains them. This lump seems much different though and too big to be one of his normal skin infections. I'm just really worried because he won't see a doctor and I hope that this lump isn't life threatening. I'm forcing him and driving him to see a doctor next Tuesday to get a diagnosis. Hopefully that will go as planned and he will be in the office, despite the costs. So, if anyone knows what he may have and if it needs immediate attention, please let me know.


Thank you!

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I think it may be an inguinal hernia.
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