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Do You Sound Strong?

Posted Sep 28 2010 11:04am

Do You Sound Strong? Many men, including myself, spend hours at the gym to build up their strength.  Would you be surprised to know that men and women can rate men’s upper body strength just from their voice alone?

The research was conducted by a team led by Aaron Sell at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  The study took measures of upper body strength of 200 men of different nationalities, and a sample of their voice in their native tongue.  The sound recordings of the men’s voices were then played to a selection of men and women who were asked to rate their physical strength on a seven point scale from ‘weak’ to ‘strong’. 

The theory is that men’s voices evolved as an indicator of fighting ability.  What was interesting was the indicators of strength did not come from the pitch or timbre of the man’s voice.  What makes a man’s voice ‘sound’ strong is still unknown. What the study also fails to answer is whether working out at the gym makes you sound stronger too!


Dr Phil Tyson is a Men's Psychotherapist based in Manchester in the UK.  He offers:

Dr Tyson is also regularly quoted in the printed media and as a guest on local and national broadcast media.

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