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Do I have STD or an STI? or do i just need to do somthing else

Posted by Kenneth H. Facebook

The underside of my penis is kinda rough, but i think it was because i had sex with my girlfriend dry, but when i put on the condom it burned there during sex, and itched alot after i took it off. Then somtimes when i pee it only burns about a 3 on a scale to 10 but it has been doing that a while and only like every couple of weeks or days. She is the only girl i have had sex with and she was a virgin when i met her. Today I had waited till she was wet to have sex and its been 5 days since the last time we had sex and with no problems except for the burning when i put on the condom, but when we had sex today she was no longer wet and it started to hurt her and she said it burns on the outside of her vagina and when hot water touches it? 
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