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Do I have low sperm count?

Posted by 36 yr old Male

I am a 36 year old Male who is trying to start a family with my wife, but am afraid I might have a low sperm count since we have been trying for a couple months.

 I used to take Nyquil to help sleep maybe 2-3 per week whenever I was stressed and wasn't sleeping well for several years.  Now I take it maybe once every 2 weeks.

Does Nyquil lower sperm count?

Also, I read that it is detrimental to masterbate more than once a day, which I did last year.

If I reduced masterbating, will my sperm count increase or can over masterbation lead to permanantly low sperm count? 

I used mountain bike a lot and ride my bike to work.  Now I just ride my bike to work. 

I used to wear tight underwear all the time, now I just wear tight underwear when I go running.

When I got my physical last Sping for work, I found out that I have blood in my urine, though I can't tell with my own eyes.  The Doctor said that I have a few white blood cells and that it is not a current health risk, but has potential in the future.  He also said that some bikers tend to have urine in their blood.

I am wondering if urine in the blood translated to low sperm count? 

 I started taking Folic Acid/Fish Oil pill and icing my testicals. 

Will both help increase my sperm count?

 Is it worth getting sperm count tested, or should I wait a few more months.



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