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dizzy, head and upperlip sweating, and a feeling of nausea.

Posted by flat top

I woke up and felt really dizzy. brushed teeth and continued ready for the day, and the feeling got worse then  was joined by the head and upper lip sweating and feeling nausea. over this 30 minute period I felt the need to lay down and close  my eyes to stop the dizzyness. laid still for about 15 minutes then felt somewhat better. through the day felt a little light headed and not wanting to eat anything that would maybe make my stomach feel heavy.  blood pressure after the morning incident was 131 over 86. and heart rate was 68. I am 49 year old male with hypertension. medicine taken regularly. not overweight, and night before had a beer at 5pm then a second one at 9pm.  had supper with second drink and went to bed around 11:45 pm.  any help? wife is concerned these are heart attack symptoms.  there was no chest pain. no shortness of breath and arm did not hurt.

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