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Discomfort & Pain in Testicles / Groin

Posted by Big Blues

Hi, I'm 33 and I've been getting discomfort in my testicles and groin for nearly 3 years now.  It started with the left testicle retracting tightly against my body and then retracting inside completley during physical exercise / sex!  There appears to be a thickening / swelling from just above each testicle where the scrotal sac joins the body and surrounding area.  I immediately got a check for STI's at a local clinic which came back negative, I've had ultrasound scans on my testicles and they've shown no sign of cancer there,  have had MRI scans of my pelvis and spine which showed nothing and  have also seen a Urologist, Rheumatologist, Osteopath and Physiotherapist and had several blood tests done and all have been unable to help!  Since this all started, my body has been getting progressively worse pain all over (back, hamstrings, abdomen, knees, shoulder blades) and my energy / sleep levels are depleted.  I am at my wits end with the worry and the stress of not being believed and the thoughts of what it may be.  It's having such a debilitating effect on my physical and mental health - just a short while ago I was full of life and able to lift, run, surf and have a full sex life with my girlfriend.  Please help!
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Curious if you found out what this was.  Have something very similar.  Was diagnosed with prostatitis by a urologist, but there was no sign of bacterial infection. 
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