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Diet Plans for Women

Posted Jan 05 2011 9:12am

So, who think that men and women are different?

Yes, I knew it. Obviously no one.

If you've been through the quintessential John Gray book "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" (and pretty much everyone who can read a book has), there will be no doubt that women and men are radically different not only in spirit, emotion and thoughts but also from a physical point of view.

And if the way men and women train so differently when it comes to fitness, then you can be sure that their nutritional needs are pretty different as well.

Diet Plans for Men and Women – The Difference

When you look at it from the proverbial calorie burning perspective, the bottom line is that men always burn much more calories than women do, and therein, lies the reason for this difference. Thus, in order to make up for this deficiency, men have eat much more in order to make up for the lost calories.

What also affects this difference is that men generally eat much healthier food than women do, as they are tempted to snack away… but then this generalization might be taking it a bit too far.

And of course, the biggest distinction between the two is the fact that women have about 25 % fat on their bodies while men have only 15 %, and perhaps, the reasons for this might not necessarily be limited to an inability to control what you eat but merely a biological factor that you can do nothing about.

Despite these obvious differences, some people tend to not see through these differences, and yet attempt to follow a generic diet while not understanding the not-so-subtle differences on these diet plans that you find over the internet or anywhere else.

You have to understand that the weight loss goals for both men and women not only depend on factors such weight, age and so on and so forth but it also depends on whether you are obese or overweight.

So what are the best diet plans for women then? The answer to this question might make itself apparent just by attempting to follow a personalized diet program using any of the several websites over the internet or even contacting a dietitian as well.

Best Diet Plans for Women

So, now that you are convinced that diets are very different for both men and women, let's dive into the some of the best diet plans for women among the slew of diets that have come and gone over the years.

Diet Plan #1: Atkins Diet Plan

Introduced by Dr. Robert Atkins, this plan focuses on restricting the carbohydrate intake which then results in ketosis where the body burns the fat. Perhaps, the most popular diet of all consisting of four phases of dieting.

Diet Plan #2: South Beach Diet Plan

This one is known as the updated version of the Atkins Diet, as it differs in the sense that it teaches one to eat the right carbohydrates and fats, and occurs in 3 stages.

Diet Plan #3: Zone Diet Plan

Also considered another variant of the Atkins diet, this one gives the person a choice of the foods that they will as long as they maintain the 40 carbohydrates – 30 fat – 30 protein proportion. And weight loss is not just the only benefit here.

Diet Plan #4: The Raw Food Diet

Since cooking is believed to destroy the nutritional value of food about 116 F, this diets consists of only natural ingredients and significantly eliminates trans fats and saturated fats as 75 % of the entire diet is raw.

In Closing

Before you jump into a weight loss program, one must known that there is not only a difference between men and women but even between women of different ages who would like to go on a diet, and one must do a complete evaluation and personalize the diet just according to their needs.

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