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Deepak Chopra Books – A Guide to Stress Relief

Posted Mar 29 2013 8:09am

Almost every Westerner perceives India as a land of mysticism, elephants and tigers roaming in the wild and beautiful damsels drawing water from a stream or well as she devoutly, and without question, supports her hard-working husband as he slaves in the fields, in trying to make a living.

While most of it is true (except the beautiful damsel part), there's more to India than you would ever know not unless you choose to live here.

That impression works fine with me even though other people might feel offended and that's really their problem.

R.K Narayan, one of India's most prolific authors during post-colonial times paints a similar picture in his book, The Guide, but also unveils a story of greed, ignorance, deceit and a spiritual transformation in the end, among all these other aspects described above.

Truth be told, no matter which part of India you come from, we are steeped in tradition even if it does seem a little simplistic. Tradition that stems from years and years of wisdom that has been passed down through the ages.

And well, if you like Deepak Chopra books or even take some time to read about the history of yoga , that's India at its very best!

It's not the cricket team, Bollywood stars, the politicians, journalists or even the so-called educationists that run this country but the everyday people that inspire you…

India's Contribution to New Age Spirituality

Even though Osho among several other gurus have left us, time and time again, their teachings have reminded us of what is important in Life.

A peaceful existence, for example. Finding true contentment in spirituality rather than being materialistic. Being respectful to your elders. Keeping family first without talking about it all the time.

But learning to accept Life as it comes because what has to happen, has to happen, and being accepting makes that process all that more easy to handle.

In other words, it's all about leading a stress-free life and doing what you must do, if you are led intuitively to do so.

Deepak Chopra Books – What You Need to Know

Deepak Chopra is actually a doctor-turned-spiritualist. What led to this 'transformation', if you will, was his experience with patient who overdosed on prescription drugs in order to deal with stress.

It wasn't the right approach as he realised and which led to the release of 57 books, dealing with the subject of spirituality as well as providing guidance as to how one can lead a stress-free life without the need for prescription drugs.

Most if not all of his books encourage the practice of meditation, an aspect that most Indians today have completely forgotten and are duly reaping the 'benefits' for their ignorance.

If your curiosity is piqued, if not because you've heard about him for years, but because Oprah loves him, you can find Deepak Chopra books , videos among other things at his site .

Also, you can watch a video of his, titled "The Way of the Wizard". if you haven't already seen him on television.

In Closing

What do you like most about Deepak Chopra, if you've been following him and reading his books? Does his techniques for stress relief work for you?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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