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Deadlift Benefits

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:21pm

To get full benefits of the deadlift you must have proper deadlift technique. With this the benefits of the deadlift are huge but with poor deadlift technique you can cause serious harm to your body. The deadlift is an exercise that allows you lift massive amounts of weight so proper form is a must.

The Form for the Deadlift

  • Keep you feet shoulder width apart
  • Keep your back straight and your chest up.
  • By looking forward this will naturally keep your back and chest in better position
  • Start the rep with a slight bend in you knees and your hips back, finish the rep with your body fully erect.

The Benefits of the Deadlift

  • Strength- You will gain back, leg and grip strength by performing the deadlift. Your back will gain strength by holding a strong flat position though out the reps. Your legs do most of the lifting thus the deadlift will increase leg strength. By holding that much weight you will see a big improvement in you grip strength.
  • Other lifts such as the squat, shrugs, and barbell rows will increase as your deadlift increases. The same type of motion will transfer very easily from each exercise allowing you to lift more weight.
  • With a stronger lower back you will naturally have better posture. This will help in avoiding lower back pain.
  • The deadlift is a compound movement which helps to activate your large muscles in your legs and core. By lifting heavy, this triggers a hormone release that helps to build muscle in other parts of your body and will  greatly increase overall strength.
  • The movement of the lift will teach you proper technique to lift objects in everyday life. You will learn to utilize the strength of your legs while avoiding possible back injuries.

With all the benefits of the deadlift you would be very unwise not to included this exercise into your workout routine, but before you do make sure to fully understand how to perform the deadlift with proper technique. Safe lifting from Men’s Garage

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