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dark colored testicles

Posted Mar 11 2010 7:27am

I saw this post and need to add that my husband also has this problem and also his area below his testicle and innermost thigh area...he never had this in 10yrs prior to on and off for last few yrs?  what does all this mean?

here is the post I was referring to:


Your sex hormones or Testosterone levels may be changing.

As for the dark color of the skin of the scrotum, is the subject of sex hormones. Originally, people depend on a variety of color pigment, in particular, the number of melanoma, the thickness of the skin and blood vessel relaxation or contraction of the state. Melanosis affected skin is an important factor in sex hormones. Sexual organs, such as parts of the high concentration of sex hormones, hormone to stimulate the long-term results so that a large number of melanoma skin color and become very calm, especially after the more obvious thickening of shrinkage. For the same reason, you may also have taken note of the adult men in a circle around the nipple and areola color and quite right! Little boy and the very low levels of sex hormones, so do not change color, similar to color in and around the scrotum, puberty Before this change in pigmentation.

It may be a good idea to see a doctor and have your Testosterone levels checked.

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