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Dancing Workout: Or is it just 'foreplay'?

Posted Apr 13 2010 5:23am


The first time I watched 'Capoeira' (the popular Afro-Brazilian martial art form) was from a Sepultura (metal band) video 'Roots Bloody Roots' sometime back, and apart from Brazilian football and the carnival celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, one can safely assume that 'dance' is a way of life for these South Americans known for their flair and panache throughout the world.

Even though some of us are known to have two left feet (even unashamedly so), one can't help but notice the direct correlation between health and dancing. The only place I recall seeing fat men dance was 'The Full Monty' but in reality, most men and women who are regular dancers (yes, people who love dancing at the club even) are anything but fat slobs. It's true…

It's just hard to imagine physically active people who are fat… and if people claim that they are fat despite being physically active (vigorously so), then your diet must be was like Elvis' during his last few years… seriously!

Aerobics & The Cooper Test

An army colonel called Kenneth H. Cooper, wrote a book called 'Aerobics' in 1968, where he also devised the 'Cooper Test' which was simply how far a person could run in 12 minutes, and this was an indicator of his fitness levels.

Until then, most experts related bodybuilding and weightlifting with being fit but when Colonel Cooper found that even bodybuilders would tire quickly when given 'aerobic' exercises, this was the beginning of something new.

What Dr. Cooper found was that just because you could lift a car didn't mean that you had remarkable levels of stamina for actually it was just the opposite, as anaerobic exercises only increase your ability to accomplish 'feats of strength' in short bursts, even though they are important in the business of 'physical fitness'. And thus the importance of being physically active through 'aerobics' was made an important part of the fitness regime in the U.S Army since then.

So what's the moral of the story?

Aerobics is a vital part of fitness!

But what does this have to do with 'dancing'?

Dancing is really aerobics, as obvious as that is, if one just sees the blast of trainers that offer cardio workouts (yeah, just type 'aerobics' in Amazon, and you'll see) and how fit they are… no fat slobs there!

The list is endless… however, if that's not enough to motivate you to be physically active, perhaps dancing will work for you.

And why?

Amongst a group of ten people, nine of them will give you enough excuses to not exercise but we're all yet to hear sighs, moans and groans when one talks of dancing. No wonder experts suggest that we have a workout partner, as in this case, a little motivation from the opposite sex might just do the trick. And trust me, ten out of ten people will dance the night away while on a date… and that is exercise without being thought of as 'exercise'.

How cool is that?

In Closing

Truth be told, not only will going on a date to a club help you burn off some calories but might help you lose some more especially if you're hell-bent on 'dessert' if you get my drift. Hehe. No wonder most South American dances are considered 'foreplay' (and the women will agree with me when it's done right)…

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