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Daily Sex Helps Sperm Quality & Fertility

Posted Jun 30 2009 4:07pm

OK men, here’s a study that I’m sure some will be glad that researchers decided to undertake. The results of this study, the results presented today at the 25th annual meeting of the European Society of Human sperm1 Reproduction and Embryology, show that daily sex (ejaculation)  improves men’s sperm quality by reducing the amount of DNA damage. The length of time studied for the daily ejaculations was 7 days.

Australian researchers studied 118 men who were found to have more abnormal sperm due to DNA damage than was considered normal. The men had an average of 34% DNA damage when they abstained from ejaculating for 3 days. Overall, the damage ranged from 15% and 98%. The men weren’t treated medically but were advised to ejaculate once a day for seven days.

istock_lovers On day 7, after the final ejaculation of the 7 days, the men’s sperm was tested again. The researchers found that most of them (81%) had a 12% decrease in sperm damage; 19% had an increase in sperm damage of almost 10%.

Overall, the average of the whole group dropped from 34% to 26% - when including the men whose damage increased. If that group isn’t included in the calculations, the average dropped to 23%.

There have been many myths circulating about ejaculation and sperm quality. It’s often been said that men shouldn’t have sex often because it decreases the volume of semen, giving the sperm less volume to work with, so to speak. However, the researchers found that the lesser volume didn’t compromise the sperm quality or mobility.

More studies need to be done, but this is a promising finding.


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Post from: Blisstree

Daily Sex Helps Sperm Quality & Fertility

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