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Countdown to End Second Month Training

Posted Nov 24 2008 6:16pm
Keeping Steady

At this point, I'm just really sailing steadily as I end my Second Month of Training. Not really rushing out Workout Routines or even thinking of not going to the gym because of laziness, but just doing the same things. Today, I'll be going to the gym for my chest and tricep workouts. These are actually my favorites. Why? Well chest workout is of course of the chest but when you look on the mirror after you workout, your muscles are pumped up thus your shirt would have this better fit in you. You know, those bulky chests are slightly curving up and makes you want to check your shape in the mirror going diagonal ways then side ways to check out the slow development of your muscles. I feel like I'm a growing lady checking if her boobs were growing.. hahaha.. Then we go to the triceps. After you entire workout, we MEN like WOMEN also love to look in the mirror checking out our figure but mostly because we want to see if all our hard work carrying all those iron plates have come to an eye catching curve in our body. Looking closely on your sleeves and trying to observe if the Tricep has developed enough to give you that slight curve noticeably to the eyes of the public has been a little bit of a habbit everytime we go to the gym.

What to Expect this December?

This coming Friday, I'll be starting off with a Personal Trainer. This should give me a huge difference from my 2 months worth of training. Also starting December 1, I'm going to start to drink my 1 week old Protein Shake - Muscle Juice 2544. Again, it should speed up my Turtle-Speedy-Progress of developing muscles. This should also improve my weight and muscle mass.

Changing Diet

Starting December 1, I'm also going for the Low-Carb High Protein diet since I'll be taking in Protein Supplements thus cutting out the carbs should be a good move. Why? If I dont cut down my carbs, as a Rice person as I am, they would all be converted to fat and sit on my belly which I am really working hard on flattening.

Changes in Workout Routines

The Personal Trainer also informed me that by the start of my training, I'll be doing an entire different Workout Routine. This is to refresh my muscle memory and thus give it a kick. I'm not really sure on what specific routines we'll be doing but at least this time, I'm really looking forward to this new Workout Schedule. It's really different when you're working out alone and just trying to figure things out by yourself than having someone really walking you through the process.

A Glance for Next Month's Training
Well, seems December wil be a very exciting month. We have me going through a Personal Trainer which means better and more effective workout routines. Expanding my knowledge on weight lifting is inevitable. Next is of course the New Diet not to mention the intake of High Protein through Food Supplements - Muscle Juice 2544.

So there you have it. Should you have any questions or suggestions like maybe suggesting a Workout Routine or Diet meal or even Products like Protein Shakes, Amino acids etc... Please do hesitate to comment or email me at
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