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Could my new boyfriend's penis shrinkage be caused from dialysis or the anti-rejection drugs he's on

Posted by mom2jjk

My boyfriend of a year was on dialysis for four years before having a kidney transplant five years ago.  He said that after the dialysis he noticed shrinkage in his penis but there has been much more significant shrinkage after the transplant.  He's too embarrassed to go to his family doc about this issue, because he doesn't want the secretarial staff (who have known him for years) knowing what the problem is.  Any ideas???
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It happened to me too. After kidney and pancreas transplant, it went from 6 1/2 inches to about 4 inches. It is also bent after stent removal. The same as you, I was very concerned and caused some psychological trauma. I've been looking over the Internet for solutions. That is why I got here, but nothing so far and looks like conversations about it are very few. I even asked my urologist for a solution and he told me that there is surgery only, and it has its risks, like getting it even shorter after scars are formed. I did meet and tried with two different girls after transplant. We did not brake up because of it, but because of low compatibility. I also have erectile disease because of diabetes and possibly the time in dialysis, but I was taking cialis and levitra without telling my partners, so erection was not a problem as long as I take the pill in time before intercourse. I am now dating a new partner and she told me that she feels good with me and that my size is not a concern to her. What is really important to her is how I treat her. She even told me that it satisfies her completely, so I guess that it really depends on your partner, her maturity and mind set. I would definitely say that go for it. If you find the right person, you will have no problems and don't be down while you find that person. The real problem will only be in your mind, but don't let it take over. For a time I was thinking a lot of stupid things, like maybe she would have better orgasms if I was bigger, maybe he had a big ex-boyfriend and now she is comparing, etc. All that stupid stuff. Don't let it control you. A real woman, will be more than physical, more than sex. We are the ones who are like that. Not them.

Yes, it happened to me.  I thought I was the only one after I found your question here.

In my case, it shrank about a year after the transplant, and not only shrank, but it was bent after removing a piece of tubing called the "stent", which is put in place for adhering the new uretra to the bladder and then removed throuh the pennis.  A month after that procedure, it noticed it was bent, which it never was before.

Now, from 6 1/2 inches, it is now about 3 inches, plus it is bent.  You can imagine the trauma I have about this. It was 8 years ago and I am so embarrased that I have not had any girlfriend or sexual partner since then.

I am really not complaining, as it was a choice of live like this, or die from kidney failure. I am more curious of how you feel with your boyfrined. Looking to know what should I expect if I meet a girl again.


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