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Could I possibly have AIDS?

Posted by Scared2Death

I have been having a very strange episode for the past year or so.  It started out as a small, rice sized bump on the shaft of my penis.  I didn't pay it much mind but it didn't go away.  Over the next six months it grew in size until about six months ago it became a grape sized bump, seemingly overnight, and burst, oozing out alot of puss.  I looked it up online and saw some answers that quited my worries.  But a couple months later, a similar bump appeared between my scrotum and my groin with the same result, lots of puss when it finally burst.  Again, I looked into it and found answers that quited my fears. 


This is where I really started to worry.  I had a similar bump under my armpit for the duration of the time and a couple months after the groin bump, the one under my armpit suddenly got large and burst, again, with lots of puss.  I looked online again and started to see things that scared me talking about HIV and AIDS.  I have been trying to find a place to get tested but everywhere seems to be charging these days.  I have let it go until tonight.  My eyelid became irritated two nights ago and I thought it was a result of the environment in which I worked, until I went to the bathroom to wash out my eye and noticed that it was suddenly swollen.  I squeezed it and a small amount of puss came out.  Taken separately, I would treat these incidents as no big deal given the information I've gathered, but I fear that combined they spell out a far greater problem for me and I am extremely scared about it.  Could you please tell me if these occurences possibly point to HIV and AIDS or something else.



I have also been diagnosed with Hep B in the past.

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