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Could Acanthosis Nigricans be related to a Varicocele?

Posted by maclellan

Hello Im 19 years old, I am pretty fit, eat fairly well, fast food now and again, college athlete.  I believe I have Acanthosis Nigricans a skin disease related with diabetes or insulin, I research it myself and am 90% sure it is what I have, I have spots on my neck, under arms, navel, and groin area, I went to the doctor and he told me it was just a sweat related fungus and gave me antibiotics.  I dont believe that he is correct however I am going to try the anti biotics for two weeks like he prescribed and hope for the best.  I do hope he is right but I don't believe he is.  I also have a Varicocele in my left testicle and was wondering if these two things could be related, I was thinking that somehow the varicocele could effect my adrenal gland which may have something to do with my insulin levels which could cause the skin thing, but Im not a doctor hence the "ask a health Maven", I am hoping someone on here can provide some insight and some ideas on what I can do, Im almost 100% its not type II diabetes because I am physically active every day(studying to be a exercise physiologist) and eat fairly well.  So I guess my question is could these two things be related? PS sorry about the spelling and grammar.
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