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Controlling Your Blood Pressure the Natural Way

Posted Apr 13 2013 2:55pm

When it comes to high blood pressure many of us think that pills are the only way to control it. However that is not true. Pills do help to reduce your blood pressure artificially, but you should make life style changes to actually treat the underlying issues. Here are some things you can do to get your blood pressure under control:

1. Reduce your weight – One of the big underlying issues that cause high blood pressure is excess body weight. Just a few pounds of fat can raise your blood pressure to unhealthy levels. If you are carrying a few extra pounds try to shed them. Even one pound of fat lost can reduce your blood pressure by ten or more points.

2. Reduce your salt intake –Almost all processed or canned food is full of salt. The next time you eat a can of soup or something from the frozen food department, or even chicken with additives, take a look at the sodium content. It will shock you. In order to reduce your salt intake try to eat fresh foods that you cook yourself instead of processed foods. Try more fruits and veggies. Even things like bacon and lunch meat are often full of sodium. Watch how much you ingest and reduce your blood pressure. Watch out for condiments as well. Ketchup is very salty and regular butter or margarine is not too hot either.

3. Exercise –Increasing how much you move may not seem like a good way to reduce your blood pressure at first, but the more you move the better your heart can work. Having high blood pressure puts a huge strain on your body. Exercise helps to keep your heart strong, your weight down and also reduces stress.

4. Reduce your stress – Speaking of reducing stress, high blood pressure is often caused by people who have too much stress in their lives or just do not know how to handle stress in a healthy way. Stress poursadrenaline into your body, raising your blood pressure. However this is supposed to be for short times only, when you are in danger. Living stressed is a sure fire way to shorten your lifespan. Reduce the stress in your life and find ways to cope with it that are healthy for your mind and body.

5. Breathe –Many of us forget to breathe when we are stress, anxious or afraid. This can lead to higher blood pressure. By paying attention to when and how you are breathing you can reduce stress and get more oxygen into your body, reducing how hard your heart has to work to supply this crucial supply. Deep breathing also helps to naturally release calming hormones and lowers your blood pressure that way.

Having high blood pressure does not mean you will have to take pills for the rest of your life. Instead find out what is causing it and work on the underlying problem. Hopefully you will be able to get off the meds and back to a healthy and happy life.

Author Bio:

This post is contributed by Christine Maddox. Currently she is pursuing her Master’s degree from University of Texas as well as blogging for . She loves to write anything related to parenting, kids, nanny care etc. She can be reached via email at: christine.4nannies @

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