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Contraceptive Ring – Overview & Benefits

Posted May 06 2013 8:08am

the-night-every-john-in-town-suddenly-disappeared While all species on Planet Earth come together once a year to bear children, dolphins and humans don't necessarily don't view the act of sex as an annual event.

Yes, that's right – sex for pleasure  distinguishes us from the rest. It's also the reason why the human race has to cope with situations such as unwanted pregnancies and men running away after committing the "ultimate crime".

Disappearing, that is.

Throughout history, contraceptives have been used by women so as to prevent a life-changing event such as a pregnancy while also avoiding the pain of having to visit an abortion clinic in the process.

Which brings us to the topic of the all-important contraceptive (formally referred to as the methods of birth control )… and which also prevents the condition of having to deal with two "children".

Types of Birth Control – An Introduction

Since this is such a vital biological functions that almost determines the direction of the human race in the years to come, there have been several types of birth control that have been introduced by companies over the last century.

Whether it was the combination of honey, sodium carbonate and crocodile dung (yes, you read it right) used by Egyptian women or even modern day methods that actually work such as the Ortho Evra birth control patch , pills, pills and more pills, the diaphragm, and female condom, birth control is beginning to be taken seriously by women, the medical community and last but not the least, people who can get them pregnant.

And then there's the contraceptive ring , also referred to as the NuvaRing  - a device that is easier to use than most and is considered to be effective for 99% of the time.

There's nothing for a woman to do other than to squeeze it and insert the device in her vagina except for the time when her menstruation period begins, and the best part is that it is as simple as inserting a tampon in your vagina.

So, how does it work?

Thanks to the presence of progestin and estrogen, these hormones will prevent a woman's from releasing eggs – and which can ensure that she doesn't get pregnant in the first place.

However, considering the numerous options that are available to women in the form of birth control methods, how does the NuvaRing square up in terms of safety and performance?

Contraceptive Ring – Benefits & Side Effects of the NuvaRing

Right off the bat, using this device makes it not only easy for women to enjoy spontaneous sex but men too – who sometimes, struggle with the packet in which the condom is stored in.

Yet that's not the only benefit that comes with using a contraceptive ring such as this one, as it causes no discomfort when used while also being instrumental in reducing menstrual cramps and acne while making sure that a woman's periods are lighter and much easier to deal with.

On the other hand, there are downside to using this birth control device. Headaches, nausea, increase in the formation of blood clots and appetite are common complaints that come with this device.

It must also be said that women with certain medical problems or diseases cannot use this device, and which is probably why one cannot get this type of birth control over the counter but only if a doctor will prescribe it to his or her patient.

In Closing

So, are there any other benefits or side effects of using the contraceptive ring known as NuvaRing? Please feel to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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