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Contraceptive Ring – Benefits & Side Effects of the NuvaRing

Posted Nov 21 2011 8:36am

Bette Davis once remarked that "Sex is God's joke on human beings". Maybe that's true especially when the joke's on you. Meaning to say, that you're not very good at it in the bedroom as opposed to the expectations of your partner.

But there's a serious side to having sex spanning from curable STDs to AIDS and even an unwanted pregnancies if you're not careful. And there's the prostitution industry that makes almost $ 100 billion a year.

Some people will do anything to have sex, keeping their own personal fantasy in mind (read as: fetish) and this means indulging in risky business, if you know what I mean.

The wise ones, of course, use protection, and is something that everyone must consider, no matter how hard it is to tear open the packet that "protects" the condom.

Types of Protection

It's not just about the condom though, as there is protection that has been designed so that women can safeguard themselves from unprotected sex… as they're always at the "receiving end".

Devices, both mechanical (of sorts) and biological, have been invented so that women don't have to end up at an abortion clinic and yet, so many of them go there.

(Being at the age I'm at – we can all safely agree that such a process is indeed life-changing for a woman.)

Yes, there are options such as the cervical cap, the hormonal patch, the "pill", injections and implants to the diaphragm yet the one that stands out is the vaginal hormonal ring, also known as the NuvaRing ®.

To say the least – it does not require one to be a rocket scientist in order to know how to use it as you just have to squeeze it and insert it into your vagina and which is very similar to inserting a tampon.

As soon as you place this in your vagina, the hormonal medication in the form of estrogen and progestin begins to work, preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs. This hormonal medication also have an effect on the lining of the uterus as well as the mucus in the cervix as well.

What a user should remember is that this ring should be placed in your vagina for three weeks but should remove it as soon as the week of menstruation begins.

Now that we know one can use it, let's look at certain benefits and side-effects that come with this birth control device.

Contraceptive Ring (the NuvaRing®) – Benefits and Side Effects

Right off the bat, since this contraceptive ring is so well hidden, intercourse can be spontaneous, and men won't have to use the 'right' head to open the aforementioned difficult-to-open condom packet.

For women, who are its users, have found it to decrease menstrual cramps and acne while also making menstrual periods lighter and easier to deal with.

Conversely, women with certain medical conditions cannot use this ring while others have complained of headaches, nausea, increased appetite and the increase of chances of having blood clots.

Finally, how you can obtain this birth control device is by getting a prescription from a doctor unlike other devices…

In Closing

What you must understand is that this device only protects you from pregnancy, and not from STDs… so this might only work for those who have steady partners.

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