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Condoms for Women

Posted Jan 08 2011 8:34am

Society places different types of pressures on men and women, and rather ironically, when a woman sleeps around… she's called a "whore" while a man gets the distinction of being a "stud" amongst his peers. Strange, isn't it?

Perhaps, the women's lib movement was a mass of enthusiastic, idealistic women who wanted to make a change to this, and perhaps bring equality in a lot more ways than this into their lives.

Freud said that almost everything in society revolved around sex, and while I prefer Jung, this man nailed it. Look at the world around, people haven't found a cure for cancer… and we already have pills to give you a boner even when you're 60. Magazines are replete with beautiful, desirable men and women who can't think past their own forehead but they're the ones in the news all the time.

And the line between love and sex has blurred even more, leaving one even more confused as to which is which. I tell you, lonely and insecure people everywhere who are too busy making the same mistakes over and over again.

But there's another twist to this whole sex thing… and it ranges from kids being born out of wedlock to AIDS and other STDs, and this has led to the whole obsession about using protection.

As sterile as this is, perhaps this is the best course of action… or else the 'greatest conspiracy' as explained by George Carlin has already set in motion… but that conversation is best suited for another day.

Protection – Is it really necessary?

For a long time now, the word 'condoms' have been around with a slew of companies offering types of condoms and it's not targeted towards the male population but to women as well. And the reason for this is because of the 'protection' that they provide and how this affect our species as a whole.

And yet while the older generation have seemed to grasp this concept very well, it has been documented that teens dislike using condoms while having sex, and that definitely has raised concerns amongst public health officials.

Blame it on the fast-paced lifestyle or even the lack of responsibility (at that age) when indulging in this pleasurable activity, added to which, promiscuity doesn't help either. That's where your chances of getting STDs are magnified exponentially.

(And yes, I am stating the obvious here.)

However, we can all agree that there is no doubt that condoms are important for several reasons when it comes to protecting yourself from STDs or pregnancy when it comes to the "fairer sex".

And so, the next question that women might ask is: which are the best condoms available.

Best Condoms for Use

Since the condom was initially designed for men, here is a link that can give a large range of condoms to choose from, especially you consider your sex life to be one that is pretty active. For the women, there are a few that have come out into the market, and each of them have their own benefits and disadvantages. And so here is a list of condoms for women that you can perhaps try out:

1) FC condom

2) FC2 condom

3) V.A W.o.w condom

4) Panty condom

5) Path Women's condom.

If you are interested in knowing more, you can find basic info at this link , or google these terms for more information.

In Closing

Man or woman… protection is imperative unless you decide on becoming a monk.

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