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Condoms for Women – A Suitable Alternative, if you will…

Posted Mar 02 2012 8:58am

Sex . Freud wasn't wrong when he said that almost everyone of his patients suffered from depression due to the suppression of their sexual urges. But is that true?

Even though Jung made a more convincing argument that took on a more esoteric note, it looks like the former's hypothesis is more plausible in today's world.

Well, it's no surprise that most of Freud's patients were women – yes, the fairer sex for whom the word sex was gawdy, but to call it love making was a little more palatable.

Fast forward to today, and while women's' attitude to sex has evolved to the point where slut-shaming and use of the word "whore" has become prevalent in society today, and so has the need to protect herself – probably because she's always going to be at the "receiving end".

Worse, STDs and AIDS has also become the center of attention since the 80s, and is something that isn't ignored these days, keeping in mind the perils that are associated with unprotected sex.

(Of course, there are no judgments if women truly want to feel liberated through sex of whatever. Just don't fight your natural instinct is what holds true. Suppression isn't the answer.)

And as bizarre as this might sound, there is protection in the form of the female condom

Sexual Protection – A case of being paranoid or a real necessity?

I know. Stupid question, quite honestly. But it must be asked considering the fact that women haven't always used condoms. Probably only recently, thanks to the spate of sexual conditions that crop up every now and then.

While the more discerning group might be women in their twenties who have had their more than occasional roll-in-the-hay, teenagers are not so hot on using protection when having sex these days.

Are we being paranoid about this subject that we demonize it for people to not care anymore? Or are we actually seeing the problem for what it is and coming up with solutions.

Sadly, since women are the key to the survival of our species, pregnancy or contracting AIDS doesn't help that cause and probably, from a public health official's point-of-view – protection is probably not used as much as it should be.

So, the answer to this redundant dilemma: it's a real necessity alright considering the spike in babies born out of wedlock or those living with the threat of the HIV virus.

Condoms for Women – A List

Condoms were originally designed for men, and not for women. But with this whole "liberation" stuff that has succeeded in women talking people to death about their values and beliefs, condoms for women have cropped up as well. So, here's a video that talks about the female condom in detail.

Also, here's a list of the most popular condoms that are available today:

#1: FC1 Female Condom

#2: FC2 Female Condom

#3: VA w.o.w Condom Feminine

#4: Natural Sensation Panty Condom

#5: Silk Parasol Female Panty Condom

#6: The Woman's Condom by PATH [In the last stages of development]

In Closing

It all comes back to the women, doesn't it? Not unless you're a priest and you like little boys instead…

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