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Composition of semen

Posted May 18 2010 4:15am
The semen which is ejaculated during intercourse is mainly made up of sperm cells or spermatozoa and seminal plasma. Seminal plasma is the fluid portion of semen. The

spermatozoa produced in testes are released through seminiferous tubules. The seminal plasma is produced by seminal vesicles (60% of the seminal fluid is produced by seminal vesicles), prostate gland and bulbourethral gland (bulbourethral glands produce mucous in small amount by which semen becomes slippery).. The semen is viscous in texture.

Seminal fluid contains sugars, lipids, enzymes, steroid hormones, amino acids etc. It nourishes sperms and also protects them during their journey in Vaginal canal. The sperm cells derive energy from simple sugar fructose present in seminal fluid. Vaginal canal has acidic secretions and immune cells which may destroy sperms. Seminal fluid guards sperms from these and help them to swim through.

According to ayurveda the semen is defined as follows.

“shukram shuklam guru snighdam madhuram bahalam bahu| ghritamaakshikatailabham sadgarbhaya ||”

This means the semen (shukra )which is grayish white , heavy , sticky ,sweet and more in quantity is always fertile. This fertile semen may have the shades of ghee, honey or oil.
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