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clubbed toes

Posted by whufcken

I have just been to hospital as I am having knee problems and have just been told I have clubbed toes and was sent for a chest x-ray. What are clubbed toes and what do they signify?
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I have just be diagonosed? with clubbed toes. I have neve heard of it before.What can I do about it and why do I have it? My son had a club foot,is it like that? My toenails are so thick that I can't cut them and where they turn downwards it is hard to wear shoes as they hurt so bad. what can I do?
Clubbed toes are not like a club foot, they are caused by inflammation or heart or lung conditions.  They can reverse when the underlying condition is treated.  Lung conditions are often the first suspect, but it can be caused by other circulation problems or gastrointestinal problems.  If you have digestive issues, and if no problems are found with your lungs or heart, then see a gastroenterologist as some pretty common digestive disorders can also cause it.
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