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Cinnamon Health Benefits – A List

Posted Sep 26 2012 8:07am

Money – it's what makes the world go round. People will do crazy things to get a million bucks, and it's no different from humans behaved several centuries – the only difference being that the form of "money" they used then were commodities except for precious metals.

Quite intriguingly, one such commodity that measured financial success was cinnamon , Ceylon's (Sri Lanka) gift to the world. In fact, the more cinnamon one possessed during the Middle Ages, the richer one was assumed to be.

Better still, cinnamon was regarded to be far more valuable than silver when the Roman empire was at the height of its power.

And while it isn't that way in today's world, as other countries produce it as well, one thing is for sure – there are numerous cinnamon health benefits that one can enjoy when.

A Note on Cinnamon

As mentioned earlier, cinnamon was discovered in Sri Lanka (known as Ceylon – located just below the country of India), and despite being grown by other countries in the Indian subcontinent and elsewhere – Ceylon cinnamon is considered to be 'true cinnamon'.

It's a known fact that Sri Lanka also produces the largest amount of cinnamon followed by countries such as southern India, Java, Sumatra, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Zanzibar, Egypt, the West Indies, Brazil, and Vietnam.

Now, what you use as cinnamon, is actually obtained by removing the bark of the evergreen tree and which belongs to the Lauraceae family.

Usually, the tree from which cinnamon is derived is grown for two years after which it is harvested by chopping off the stems and branches. This process is repeated as new shoots grown at the stem over the next two years.

The stems and branches that are cut are then processed where the outer bark is scraped and then it is beaten so that the inner bark is loosened so that it can be easy to remove in long rolls.

After this, the inner bark is dried for about 4-5 hours and cut into pieces that vary form 5 to 10 centimeters in length. Now it is ready to be sold and at a reasonable rate, unlike the prices in its rich and illustrious history.

Cinnamon Health Benefits & Uses

There are clear cinnamon health benefits that have been documented throughout history. Speaking of history, however, the main reason why cinnamon was much-sought after was to use it as a spice, in particular Persian cuisine apart from the use of medicines as well.

In this day and age, cinnamon is used in foods such as cereals, desserts, candies, teas, cocoa and liqueurs, chocolate, dishes of chicken and lamb, bread and fruit-based dishes among several other foods.

So, here is a list of cinnamon health benefits :

#1: Improves cognitive function and memory
#2: A combination of honey and cinnamon relieves the pain which is one of the symptoms of arthritis. In fact, an improvement is seen within the first week of use.
#3: Cinnamon offers benefits that are obtained from nutrients such as calcium, manganese, iron and fiber.
#4: Prevent blood from clotting.
#5: Regulates blood sugar, and is good for patients with Type 2 Diabetes.
#6: Lowers LDL cholesterol levels in the human body.
#7: Works as an excellent food preservative.
#8: Prevents the growth of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.

In Closing

Come to think of it – with the obvious health benefits of cinnamon, its value cannot be measured with money. In other words, it's priceless.

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