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chest pain with slight swelling on left side around rib cage

Posted by kmeyer31

sometimes have have heavy breathing, pain in chest around sternum area, and slight swelling around rib cage on left side.
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I have fibromyalgia and have also had Costochondritis in the past, but now I have swelling of the entire upper left rib cage, and an x-ray revealed something solid in that same area. I have fibrocystic breats, and knowing the difference helps minimize the concern. Costochondritis is VERY painful, and since I've had it a long time perhaps it has become chronic - the Tietze Syndrome. Thanks for the information. I will persue the issue.

This also can be costol chondritis...(spelling might be off)... which is the inflamation of the cartelage of your rib cage.  It can cause intense pain that radiates up the left side and can mimic a heart attack but the pain changes with intake and exhale of breath (as your rib cage expands).  Anti inflammatory meds make a huge diffrence.  I was diagnosed with the chronic version of this called Tietze Syndrome when I was 15.
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