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Chest pain on left side, can you help?

Posted by matty90

Since yesterday I have developed a slight pain in the left side of my chest when I breathe in, this comes and goes. Sometimes with this pain there is a cracking noise and I can feel a tingling in the left side of my chest; I can feel the movement when I feel my chest. The pain isn't severe, however I have never displayed any symptoms such as this before; the clicking sound and the tingling. It is just in the left side of my chest, and I have had no previous medical problems such as this. I am 18. Thanks in advance. Can you help?
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Hi im 15 and just this morning this started to happen, but i just developed a pain in the RIGHT side of my chest and seems to occur where i tried to pop a pimple. Im sorry if that may sound disgusting but i think i got the pimple there from stress. Im not sure if me popping it caused this pain because just yesterday i tried to pop it and today it really hurts there? What can this be, is it bad? HELP ME PLEASE, IT HURTS!
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