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Chest Exercises for Men

Posted Sep 03 2010 5:40am


Pectoral exercises – yes, these are the ones that every aspiring bodybuilder wants to work on. And yes, the reason for this enthusiasm is because they (pecs) are not easy to build as several folks have found out.

Bigger pectoral muscles is a sign of manhood, and a muscle group that is much more visible that the other muscle groups. And so if you don't your shirt off very often, that means that you are inhibited by the syndrome (humorously known as) man-boobs.

But no worry, if you do have them, exercises for pecs (along with cardio) will bring improvements sooner if not later.

But let's understand the pectoral muscles first, before we move on to exercises that will help people build bigger and better pecs, which is basically the bulk of the muscles on any man's chest.

Pectoral Muscles

The pectoralis major and pectoralis minor are the two muscles that both men and women have, and while it's preferred (by men and women, of course) that women have large chests, this socially appealing paradigm for women does not apply to men.

It takes on a thick, fan-shaped form when fully developed, and you can look at the pecs of some bodybuilders such as Arnie and so on and so forth to understand what it should look like at its best.

While the main role of pectoralis major is to move the upper arm across the body while also keeping the arms attached to the body (as funny as that sounds!), the pectoralis minor works to move your shoulders forward, best indicated when you shrug your shoulders.

So this should clue you in on the kind of exercises that work best to strengthen this muscle.

Pectoral Exercises – The best of the lot

Since most of these exercises are best learned when watching a video, take a look at the Youtube links provided to study each of these exercises.

1. Dumbbell Press (with variations)

There are three variations that come with the dumbbell press which is the:

(a) Flat Dumbbell Press

Equipment: flat bench, dumbbells

Execution Instructions (video): Dumbbell Bench Press

(b) Incline Dumbbell Press

Equipment: Incline Bench, dumbbells

Execution Instructions (video): Incline Dumbbell Press

(c) Decline Dumbbell Press

Equipment: Decline Bench, dumbbells

Execution Instructions (video): Decline Dumbbell Press

2. Dumbbell Flyes (with variations)

a. Normal Dumbell Fly

Equipment: flat bench, dumbbells

Execution Instructions (video): Dumbbell Flyes

b. Incline Dumbbell Fly

Equipment: Incline Bench, Dumbbells

Execution Instructions (video): Incline Dumbbell Flyes

c. Decline Dumbbell Fly

Equipment: Decline Bench, Dumbbells

Execution Instructions (video): Decline Dumbbell Flyes

3. Push-ups (with variations)

Equipment: None

Execution Instructions (video): Pushups for the beginner

*NOTE: These videos have been handpicked with their instruction that are important to follow carefully. So watch them before you try them at home.

Things to remember

You have to understand that results won't show themselves immediately, and if one should get into working out, they should do so for the long term for an enjoyable experience. Well, it was someone who said that it isn't the destination that counts but the journey. So think long term fitness…

In Closing

Always remember to do cardio along with any form of anaerobic exercises… they're far more effective that way when it comes to burning fat and building muscle. And with these exercises you can kiss your manboobs goodbye…

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