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Charity Walk or Run – Why You Need to Participate

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:01pm

Teach your family the importance of exercise and charity at the same time. What better way to accomplish both goals than by signing up for a charity walk or run. Is there a cause that you and your family are passionate about? Maybe you have been touched by a certain illness or situation, and you want to help others facing the same obstacle. There are charity walks and runs for several organizations, choose the one that is closet to your heart and start training.

Participating in a charity walk or run involves more than the day of the event. By signing up as a family to participate, you get to plan and train together as well. Once you decide on the event that you will participate in, make a training schedule. When placing your training routine on paper, make sure that you build gradually. You do not want to risk injury and a negative image of exercise for your children. By allowing your team the proper amount of training time, you can slowly increase the distance as you train. If you have younger children, you probably want to go with a walk rather than a run. The walk will allow the little ones to keep up with you, more so than a run.

If your children are older you might consider a charity run. Running is great exercise for all age groups, and it is a great discipline exercise. Distance running, a 5Kfor example, takes discipline while training to build up endurance. This type of event usually takes months of training, especially for the inexperienced runner. Train together as a family by going on family runs.

One of the benefits of training as a family is that you can motivate and encourage each other. There will be days when one of your team members will not feel like training, but when that happens you can positively motivate each other. Remind your family what you are training for, and who will benefit from their effort. Not only will you feel better and be a healthier family, you will be a closer family as well. By spending so much time together training and encouraging each other, your relationships will grow and strengthen as well.

Once you have completed your first event, you may find that your family enjoyed it so much that they want to do it again. If so, sit down and decide as a family what cause or organization you would like to help next. This is such a great way to give back to the community, and a great way to teach your family that you can make a difference in the lives of others. You may even want to let each member of the family choose a different cause. You can then train for all of the events together, and participate as a team.

Not only will you model the importance of exercise to your family, but you also show them how important it is to give back, and how easy it can be.

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Have you ever participated in a charity run or walk?

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