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Chafing Cream Move Over, Anti Monkey Butt Is Here

Posted Aug 13 2010 5:21am

Chafing Cream

Chafing Cream Is In Trouble

I had the pleasure to review an assortment of products, probably the most eclectic collection I've ever received, including the one and only chafing cream replacer, "Anti Monkey Butt Powder."

We'll save that one for last, because I know you can't stop reading until you find out exactly what that is and exactly what it does — to be continued…

Dry Your Pits

First up, something I use every day and only slightly more than butt powders: anti-perspirant.

The specific product name is Certain Dri Solid Anti-perspirant, with a bold claim of 72-hour excessive sweat protection.

I'm an avid instruction reader, so I caught the strong recommendation to apply this at night, rather than in the morning.

This gives the product more time to sit and activate.

After applying at night, I didn't have a drop of sweat until over 48 hours later. While it didn't quite make the 3-day mark, I'm also very active, and we had back-to-back days of over 100 degrees with the heat index, so I certainly can't complain.

My usual sweating is moderate to severe, so I'm definitely going to continue using the product to see if it keeps holding up this well.

Settle An Old Cold Sore Score

Next up was Lip Clear Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment. Since my eating has been fairly clean lately, I actually haven't gotten a cold sore in a while, though I used to get them regularly.

Luckily (I guess?), my friend had one pop up just in the nick of time. She said she gets one every few months or so, and they are usually irritating, if not downright painful.

I really liked this product, because it's all-natural, so I had no problem recommending and convincing her to give it a try.

She said the relief was immediate, taking away the sore feeling, and the cold sore was completely gone in 3 days, compared to her usual cold sores which she said can last up to a week.

That's What I Call Eyeball Relief

The third product I tried was Rohto Redness Relief Eyedrops. I've never needed or used eyedrops, so again I passed this one off to a guinea pig.

This time it was my Dad, who is an avid eye-dropper. I gave him all three flavors and his mission to try them all.

After a week, while he didn't notice any major difference over the brand he already uses, they got the job done and worked just as well as his leading-brand Visine eyedrops.

They lasted just as long and were just as refreshing, so he's going to continue using these.

Chafing Cream, Watch Out!

Finally, the main event, the moment we've all been waiting for… What the heck is Anti Monkey Butt Powder?!

Believe it or not, it actually has several uses, from preventing chafing while biking and running to odor removal and absorbing sweat.

Right away I sprinkled some in my shoes, which I usually wash once a week. At the end of each week, they are completely raunchy, but after a week of using the AMBP, they were surprisingly still fresh.

Of course I still washed them anyway, because while the inside was cleaner than usual, my two dogs made sure the outside was still nice and nasty.

I also let my fiancee sprinkle some down her shorts before our bike ride, and she said it felt like silk in powder form, reducing friction completely.

"Silk in powder form" got my attention, so I had to sprinkle it on myself, and I have to say that's a pretty accurate description!

With the range of body parts this collection covers, I'm sure your armpits, lips, eyeballs, and/or butt would love to try these, plus you can finally get rid of that embarrassing chafing cream bottle, replacing it with the much more inconspicuous pink Anti Monkey Butt Powder.

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