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Celiac Treatment: Will we ever play God?

Posted Jan 26 2011 8:43am

If we as humans had an answer and an explanation for everything, then we would be in a position to 'play God'. Yes, and this includes cures as well.

Regardless of the various breakthroughs that have occurred over the last twenty years, the medical community still cannot find cures for diseases such as cancer and AIDS among several other viral diseases since their understanding of the disease itself is so little due to its ability to mutate.

From a philosophical point of view, all this reminds me of, is of how fragile and fleeting our lives can be. And yet people are arrogant enough to think that science can do all things, much like religions are sure that they have the answer when it comes to heaven and all that jazz.

And yet people don't realize that when it comes to survival, sometimes the only answer that they can work is that prevention works better than cure. For example, if you know smoking causes cancer, then don't smoke and so on and so forth…

The same applies to a low-key disease (in numbers) such as the celiac disease as well.

Celiac Disease

Since a big issue with this disease is one of a digestive nature, one can only imagine when this might mean for the person who is actually "going through the motions".

Not forgetting the fact that this disease compromises the immune system leaving one open to all sorts of diseases, and this will get you nowhere when it comes to staying in optimum health.

In reading this article of course, you might recognize this disease as celiac disease, there are several names by which this disease is known by such as endemic sprue,  non-tropical sprue, gluten intolerance, Celiac sprue, gluten enteropathy or gluten-sensitive enteropathy.

And when you know that the symptoms include vomiting, abdominal bloating and pain, constipation, weight loss, pale fatty or foul-smelling stool, and chronic diarrhea, you'll understand that it's long overdue for a cure when it comes to celiac disease.

Sadly, what makes it even more tragic for those with celiac disease is the fact that it is a life-long condition, and strikes as soon as your body recognizes the gluten that settles down in the small intestine.

A Cure for Celiac Disease?

While there are both alternative and conventional cures that are being practiced by both doctors & quacks, the thing is that these cures haven't been confirmed as a proper cure.

The first step, of sorts, is to deal with nutrient deficiencies such as Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Essential Fatty acids, Folic acid, Calcium, Magnesium and Iron that might occur since the digestive system needs these nutrients to repair itself during the first few months of treatment.

Secondly, psychotherapy is also another approach that helps patients deal with mental anxiety, and which play a large role in the recovery process as well.

Finally, just to safeguard the spleen, immunization is also important as it prevent germ infections from occurring, and some of these include the flu jab, the HIB and pneumococcal vaccine.

In Closing

And no matter how much progress man makes in science, the truth that we will always remain fragile and human, and actually, should feel proud forever. What's the point of living forever, anyways?

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